Rio’s Ass

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This is an interesting moment from a shoot I did recently with new guy Rio. He was kneeling on the bed, ready to be fucked by two guys who I had just brought into the room. I told them that the camera was recording and that they could begin whenever they were ready. For some reason this always creates a few moments of pause before someone makes the first move.

The tops stood, leisurely stroking their cocks and looking at Rio. I circled him with the camera and noticed that he was absent mindedly stroking his butt with the backs of his hands. His ass was facing away from the tops, so it wasn’t a matter of him showing off to them. If anything, it was more like a nervous gesture, just something for him to do with his hands while he waited for them to step up and begin.

I moved in close to get a better view of what he was doing to his ass. It turned out that every time he stroked his butt cheeks he was parting them with the backs of his fingers, exposing his hole to the air. It was a brief tiny movement, but expressed something wonderful about what it is to be a man about to be fucked. That sense of the asshole being the primary erogenous zone, available and in need of attention.

The shot is a little shadowy. For those of you who want to see his hole more clearly (and I can’t be the only one) I tried increasing the brightness on the final image. I have no idea why, but it also helped to put it into black and white.

Since Rio is a new guy, I thought you might also like to see him from the front. This shot was taken no more than a minute before the ones above, just before I invited the tops in to the room. It looks very posed, mostly because Rio happens to be sitting bang in the middle of the spot light, but that just happened to be the place he landed when I told him to hop up on the bed because it was time to begin. This was the sight that greeted the two tops when they walked in to fuck him. Pretty nice, I think.

  1. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the message. We're working on getting both those scenes out asap.

    The edits are looking great.

    I'll post all info on here.

  2. Whoa he is hot!! I like what you make a lot better than what TIM makes in the US. You have a lot of talent and scout the best guys. I CAN'T wait to see this and the Peto Coast scene. Please release soon!

  3. I think the camera guys in T.I.M. videos should join in on the group action-would have been hot during 1000 loads to see the camera guy fucking and filming at the same time. Best porn on the market.

  4. Hi JoachimWanker,

    Well, the scene came out great and it'll be on my next video, so I don't think you'll be disappointed. 🙂


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