Doodle: Last night

This is a sketch of something I did last night in the steam room at a gym in London. That’s me in the middle, about to unload in the mouth of the guy on his knees. Many other combinations and positions happened with everyone pictured, but this is the moment when I came. This was one of those sessions when everything happens so easily, and everyone is into everyone else. Makes you grateful for the way that men can be sexual with each other without any fuss – easy, fun, and everybody gets what they need.

Click on the image to enlarge if you want to read my tiny annotations.
  1. Hi PDQ. I don't have any plans to take pictures of myself, but I'm always flattered to be asked. 🙂

  2. Any chance we'll ever get a pic of your cock that moon faced boy was so hard at work on and one of the ass that chiseled, gray haired guy was fingering when you came?

  3. Thankyou boulaisboy! I tried to sketch this one realistically, without exaggerating the physiques. I guess it would look sexier if they were all more athletic but that wouldn't be a document of how it was.

    Glad you enjoyed the outdoor scene. I'm very happy that I included it on the video because it seems to be popular.


  4. Liam- Thanks for posting another one of your fantastic doodles! They are so HOT and artistic at the same time. I would follow your blog even if you only posted drawings and non of the porn stuff. I'm glad to see you took my advice and added the outdoor sex scene to your recent TIM release. HOT, amazing stuff! You rock!

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