Pictures of Rio

This morning I got an email from Rio. (pictured above) He wanted me to send him some pictures of himself from WILD BREED, so I went through them and picked out these for him. They looked so good I decided to post them here too. He’s such a beauty.

  1. Thanks for noticing the lighting PK! Pretty atmospheric, eh?

    And thanks Steve, the fact that you've cum "so so so many times" is of course the ultimate compliment for porn.

  2. Well done Liam… so hot… he is so so hot, after watching Rio in Wild Breed, he has moved to the top of the list of guys I would love to breed, and then suck my load straight out. :@) and thats coming form an outright sub slut.

    By the way, loved the fact you used my Wild Breed review in your blog… I have blown my load so so so many times since.

    Steve (the wisly guy :@) )

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