Scene 6: Anton and Wade breed Toby

Shaven-headed TOBY is probably the most adventurous cumdump I know. He’s been fucked everywhere, from the London Underground (100 meters below ground) to the London Eye (in a transparent pod 135 meters above the city).

Getting a reaction out of TOBY takes a special kind of cock. Fortunately, WADE has exactly that. Fans of UK BEEF BANGERS will remember the beautiful 10 incher with an eye-watering girth that lives between WADE’s thighs. It’s enough cock to have anyone gnawing on the proverbial pillow–even TOBY has to brace himself for this one.

Rock-solid top ANTON gets to play “dummy dick” (that’s the cock stuffed down a bottom’s throat that helps take his mind off whatever’s stretching his asshole beyond all recognition). In return, ANTON has the pleasure of sliding his meat into what’s left of TOBY’s puffy, fucked-out cumhole after WADE finishes seeding it.

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