TIM Diver Wins Gold at the Gay Games

You’ve heard it here first guys! Our hot-as-fuck diver, Robert Remington, has just struck gold in three categories in Diving over at Sportpark Muengersdorf in Cologne, Germany at the Gay Games! Robert placed first in each, beating competitors from all over the world! He’s also been spotted all over Cologne sporting his custom Treasure Island Media jacket (which might be available to purchase at a later date). In addition to his swim jacket, he’s been competing in his custom Paul Morris Treasure Island Media Speedo, in which you may have the chance to win! Model pics will be released momentarily, in the meantime check out the dive below!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://tim-blog-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/Billys3mDive_sm.mp4′ width=320 height=240 splashimage=’http://tim-blog-videos.s3.amazonaws.com/Billys3mDive.jpg’/]

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  1. Wow if he dives his dick in an ass and splash it with cum an he does so gracefulyl entering water, bingo!
    Is he planning to do porn as well? just sign him up right away for a speedo theme bb movie.

    regarding the speedo that looks great.
    I would remove the PAUL MORRIS on the back , put something else instead and choose another color than black that hides the cocks and balls shades too much!


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