FULL TILT new video release

The new dvd FULL TILT is finished and available to download or pre-order on DVD now. I’m REALLY excited about this one because it’s just full of the kind of guys and sex that I aim to get in my porn (check out the trailer for proof). There’s full-on double-fucking, fisting, tons of ass-to-mouth, and an 8-man gang fuck that is so obviously real that it feels like being there.

Big thanks to the fearless awesome fuck pigs who feature in FULL TILT and live the life it depicts. Thankyou for letting me join in with my camera: Peto Coast, Lucky Joe, Frank Klein, Jack Lewis, Darren Hawke, Ross Fuller, Brent Bow, Paul Mann, Ed Gunn, Jason Stormme, Bruce, Nikos, Anton Dickson, Marc Dann.

Thanks also to Clay for designing the hot cover, to the TIM editors, Damon Dogg, Reuben, and Elliott, for their brilliant work turning hours of my disorganised fuck tapes into a coherent video, to Matt for cracking the whip, and to Paul Morris for presiding over the only authentic man-sex cult in the world.

FULL TILT is available to download direct, or if you prefer to have it on dvd then you can pre-order your copy and it’ll be shipped to you in mid-January 2011.

For more info, stills, and my lurid descriptions of every scene, check out the FULL TILT page. Thanks for your ongoing support, I think TIM fans must be the most loyal in the history of porn. I hope you get off on watching this as much as we got off on making it. Happy Holidays!

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  2. just downloaded.. very hot. esp the dp followed by ff scene. Nice to see some people I know :@)

  3. Very glad you guys like what you see. I think this video includes some of the hottest stuff I've ever filmed, and I just want everyone to see it!

  4. What a Christmas present… already downloaded the DVD and watched the trailer 4 times… blown my load and looking forward to settling down tonight with a large dildo, a bottle of poppers and enjoying all your hard work and the guys in the DVD… well done, the trailer certainly looks like you raise the bar every time… I love TIM's videos… but your work is the best the studio releases… cant wait to enjoy it…

    Maybe its the intensity you capture, the fact I prefer european guys or just that its as you say, not 'porn' we are watching but a voyeuristic window on a way of life… its why I love going to the Hoist / Vault 139… not only to take part but watch :@)

    Happy Christmas!


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