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It goes to show you that money definitely talks. We never know what we’re going to get when we’re in the middle of a shoot, and this is one of those instances.

This is a clip taken from the soon-to-be-released What I Can’t See 3. The man that’s talking is Brad McGuire. Something for you to look forward to over your weekend.

  1. What I Can’t See 3 has a release date of late March. It is the last day of March and is still not available on dvd…………………….sounds like bullshit promotion to me

  2. In #3 does the meaning of “What I Can’t See” refer to the fact that fans will never actually be able to see it? Your “Coming Soon” a couple months ago should have been “Coming Someday…Maybe.” Then you post a download for a “Cheap Thrills 2” that apparently doesn’t actually exist yet…only to remove it a few days later. Please do your fans a favor and get your act together,

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