Treasure Island Media to Sponsor Sex Fiend in Diving Competition

Remember Robert Remington?  He’s the T.I.M.- sponsored cocksucking diver that won 3 Gold Medals at last year’s Gay Games in Cologne, Germany.  Well guess what?  He’s back!

This time we will be sponsoring him at the 2011 IGLA (International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics)  Championships in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Not only is Robert a dedicated cocksucker, he is also a massage therapist.

Although with a body like that I’m surprised people don’t pay him to touch him.  Or do they?…

  1. might be nice if they offered the swimsuit and jacket on the website as well…

  2. I have an idea for a bonus/ why don’t you film him swimining, then going out of the pool with is tight wet speedos showing off his bulge, then following him in the locker when he changes clothes…
    One the one hottest porn scene I have seen was in Games, the scene whe the coach got fuck by his young swimmer on the massage table. (movie from the 80’s)

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