In The Flesh cover design

Here is Clay Conrad’s excellent cover design for my next video for Treasure Island Media, titled IN THE FLESH. Release date coming soon.

From top, left to right:  Olivier, Anton Dickson, Florian Manns (getting fucked), Lucky Joe, me (in grey t-shirt with camera).

And at the bottom is Jorge Ballantinos, feeling it.

The back cover is:  Aaron Lamb (blindfolded), with some of the 11 tops who are about to breed him. I don’t know which ones are pictured there, but the full list is Frank Klein, Jason Stormme, Myles Bentley, Marc White, Ozzy Will, Paul Mann, Mark Dann, Anton Dickson, Bruce, Pierre Lion, and Nikos.

Below is Nils Jacobson (the huge cock), and Jorge Ballantinos getting fucked by Aldo Jaeger.

  1. Thanks! I was busy messing about in Berlin and London, filming guys fucking each other, and indulging the usual vices. Just got a bit distracted from the blog. But I’m back now!

  2. Hi Liam!

    I can’t wait… was wondering what had happened to you, been so quiet on-line.

    No doubt this is going to be an amazing video, the artwork has already got my cock and hole twitching.

    More sneak peak pics!!!??? :@)

    Pete (WisleyGuy)

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