T.I.M. Sullies S.F. Establishment — RAW UNDERGROUND Folsom 2011

TREASURE ISLAND MEDIA took over San Francisco’s KOK Bar Saturday, Sept 24th.

The annual party was the BIGGEST yet and featured horned up T.I.M. sluts James Roscoe, Ty Roberts, and Damon Dogg all packed in a bar full of sex-crazed T.I.M. fans. We gave away our complete FUCK DVD line to lucky winner Steve B. and Ken B. walked away with every SWALLOW title we make. Grats guys!

Also grats to Tom (USA Leatherman), and a few others who each received a year long ALL-ACCESS pass to our streaming sites. (You can get your own TIMpass here).

In addition to being one of the biggest parties yet it was also one of our RAUNCHIEST. Cum-crazy sperm whores were on their knees at service as an all-out orgy erupted, complete with full-on fucking and even FISTING! What a wild memorable night. We’re excited that you all came out to celebrate with us.

For those who couldn’t make it, check out our pics below.

See the complete set of pics from the night on our Flickr page.

  1. steven, can you send me a copy of the kilt-flash pic you took of me sunday? i forgot to take one for myself.

  2. Thanks for including me in your coverage. I’m glad to be in the picture with Damon and Ty. Ty is so fucking hot. When, when, are you going to film in a TIM movie? Watching him fuck in the club was so hot. He is a star!

  3. The guy sucking the big dick looks familiar… Is he postef on bbrts.com? If so, I am in love 🙂

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