T.I.M. Event Shut Down by Repressive Anti-Sex Folsom Officials


– Chief of street event security


Yes it’s true! Even though Treasure Island Media’s office doors were open for business during the Folsom Street Fair, we were officially shut down after event officials complained to the San Francisco Police Department, reporting visible sexual activity from our third floor studio windows.   We had been selling DVDs and greeting fans all day from our lobby on 9th Street and Folsom, but I guess when the huge crowd gathered in the streets it pissed off the street event organizers.

Next thing we knew, a policewoman was asking to see the man in charge.

The responding police officer said she had no problem that sex was taking place, but asked us not to do it in the window with our curtains open. Fair enough, but we promised our fans some live sex shows! The policewoman suggested we invite our fans upstairs into our the office for a more private viewing.   On-site General Manager, Matt Mason explained that the suggestion made sense but security would be a concern.

Ever so helpful, the officer called the Folsom Events security chief to our office to get his suggestions. The security dude behaved like an idiot, lashing out, “There’s no fucking way I’m going to help you guys when I’m here to shut you down.”

Matt Mason responded, “It’s your fair and I’m not responsible for what happens on public streets, and we’re not about to violate anyone’s free rights to do what they want.”

The Folsom Events guy said, “Come on! I know some of them were your people. I recognize them from your videos!” Um, busted!

Mr. Mason just looked at the policewoman, who shrugged her shoulders.

After we ejected the Folsom loudmouth from our offices and said farewell to our incredibly polite public servant, we quickly re-arranged our office, set up a security plan, and let people in by the dozens! A great time was had by one and all, despite the intentions of the street event organizers to stop us from engaging with our fans.

The actions of the street event organizers just go to show you that they are on a petty mission to STOP all sex everywhere and that we are the last bastion of free sex culture in San Francisco. It’s clear to us that the event organizers don’t even like sex but are willing to exploit yours and our sexuality in order to rake in huge sponsorship dollars. And they treat us like the Hypocrites? They should be glad we decided to show up and give people at least one reason to come to their homogeneous little fair.

  1. hello tim
    i love you so much.
    for me you are the best in the world.
    i love your dvd and i think i have all.
    maybee one time to see you and would be my turn to take a lot of cum.
    for the sex on the road or bye the window?i said no.
    because i dont think will see heteros do that in public.
    we have to respect everybody in that world.
    sex in private is good with peaple want it.
    your are great
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  2. Ask: Why would gay people stop sexual expression? Not for HIV or Hep C related health risk reasons, sex has always had a dangerous side to it. What has not changed is the repressive response to it.

    Whether it comes from right wing bible thumping morons or sexually repressed gay self haters, the common motive is ALWAYS: I and my beliefs are superior to yours, I know what’s best for the greater good (or soul) and I am morally better than you… nah nah nah.

  3. Ok, well it sure is a shame that during that kind of an event they went off the deep end shutting u guys down. I would understand perhaps if it were a girl scout cookie drive going on outside, but it was not. The complainants were probably jealous as am I lol, that they were not in the middle of the action. I love TIM, have supported you guys since the beginning and while I can see both side of the controversy I think what happened to you guys was a bit harsh and should not have happened. Oh please , to the responsible gay man above, you cam to the TIM site, so I’m quite sure you are barebacking or have yourself a fine little bareback porn collection or you wouldn’t be here… but anyway, cheers T I M … love ya much and shame i missed out on that action, id have been right up in the middle of that stuff! 🙂

  4. can you send the pics you took before and during the shows to my
    i will appreciate it very much ,thx!!

  5. can you send the pics you took before and during the shows to my
    i will appreciate it very much ,thx!!!

  6. hey,can you send you pics that you took before and during the shows to my
    i will appreciate it very much .thx!!!

  7. are you complete idiots ? you make sex in front of your windows and your excuse is : we promised live sex show to our fans. Promoting bareback sex makes of you killers, but on top of this you would like to be allowed to do that in public ? do you really think it is discrimination not be allowed to do so ? Are you crazy ? I think AIDS really kills brain after while !

    A responsible gay man !

  8. u whish hep c to someone else?
    u asshole!

    guys, take care but dont fortget to enjoy your live!

  9. I am sorry to Hear that the Folsom Street Fair People did that to you guys , i guess they forget that they also have the same kind of sex you guys do , but become these PRISSY Queens , and i have fucked a few myself BB and they know who they are , and if they want to point fingers let them , and i will be more than happy to show you guys my bed room Videos of a few Folsom staff taking it like the Bitches they are …… Kent Zarny

  10. hi guys
    to bad I missed Folsom this year, I had to travel to french polynesia instead, with transit in
    I had to admit after 4 FSF it always the same polite circus, and nearly the only reason why I make it is the TIM booth and their wild parties and dvd bargains!
    I would have loved ti visit TIM headquaters to see where my fantasies are rough ironed!
    I would have loved sevice some dicks through the tim GH.

    anyway…next year….

    thanks to all for breaking the rules!

  11. damn, i missed all of the excitement.

    well, not all of it. i was there for the first 3 window sexshows. then i had to go. i was kinda miffed because some little bitch snatched the Meatpacker t shirt away from my hand, and i had to take my nipples back to the hotel to rest after all the twisting, sucking and nibbling that had been thrust upon them.

    where can i send in the pics i took bewfore and during the shows?

    and if anybody has one of the kilt-flasing pics taken of me, i’d love to see it. i forgot to take any for myself.

  12. It’s like sex is only allowed if its making someone money. This was my first time at Folsom Street Fair and I’m already soured on the experience due to the heavy commercialization. I thought the emphasis was supposed to be on expression, not product placement! I’m glad T.I.M. made the effort to follow through with their message of sexual freedom.

  13. I was one of many who was at the un-Fair (for cheap poppers and TIM movies, love ya guys.) As I walked through the throng of people I saw other examples of FSF hypocrisy: there were bareback studios who had booths and several instances of public sex. FSF is a hypocritical organization and I think this may be my last time going. Exxxcept for you guys, the fair sucked.

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