IN THE FLESH reviewed by “Jesse”

Many thanks to “Jesse”, for sending in this review of IN THE FLESH:

About as good as it gets in hot, bareback porn.

What is often lacking in porn is the initial titillation. That first stirring in the groin. A hot glance at a piggy-looking guy in a sleazy bar. The knowing look that lets you know the hot guy is going into the next booth at the glory hole bookstore. The guy who follows you deep into the park. It’s the set-up that can make scenes spark with the same anticipation-of-sex that is there in real life.

So what do we get first? The basement of a sleazy bar in Germany. Perfect. Even better, big-dicked uber-top Peto Coast with the incredibly hot Florian Manns, who proves he not only likes cock, but loves piss. Loves piss to the point where he shows us how much harder the hard-on gets once the pee starts flowing. Hot guys. Hot fuck. Hot scene. Great set-up. (One thing missing for this particular poppers-pig writer….where were the poppers?? That will be a recurring question during this missive, although it takes NOTHING away from how great a video this is.)

Up next, the gangbang to end all gangbangs. At least, to date. At some point in time, it would have been fun – perhaps right at the end – to have Aaron Lamb take off the blindfold and see the joy he has spread amongst the participating tops. Aaron is cute/hot. The scene is incredible. Jason Storme, a personal favorite, is awesome dropping a load in Aaron’s butt AND in his mouth. And some hot cummy kisses make for a nice finish.

What is great about this scene is what I consider a dual focus. We see plenty of close-up, tight shots of cock in creamy hole. But there is also a good deal of action aimed at us voyeurs, who enjoy standing back and taking it all in. This is something Liam Cole provides regularly in his gangbang/group scenes. Great balance making for hotter porn. It should be perfectly OK to shoot wide and edit that into the scenes. But it seems we get a VERY steady diet of tighter, closer, tighter, closer and often times very little else. Thus, quite often we miss a WHOLE LOT of hot action taking place somewhat on the sidelines. What’s hotter than seeing the bottom getting pounded, while at the same time seeing the next top getting awesome head just ahead of his turn in the hole?

Then, there sits Lucky Joe with that awesome cock that just snaps to attention, and that ingratiating smile letting us know he is having as much fun as anyone. He and Brent Bow throw a very hot fuck. (Again, the poppers thing. There sat two bottles on the table that I don’t recall ever seeing get used in the final cut. It is indeed a personal thing for me….but watching the guys pig out with poppers adds a significant layer of “hot” to a scene.)

Next up, more of Liam Cole’s specialty – at least for me – his gangbang scenes. Jorge Ballantinos is an incredibly hot, talented, hungry bottom. Handsome, great physique, awesome ass and amazing skills. And four great tops who knew what to do with a great mouth and ass. This scene offers a great mix of cummy , creamy butthole and cummy mouth. On a scale of one-to-ten, how about a 12 when you can watch a top who just unloaded in a hot hole, slide it out and slide it in the bottom’s mouth. Any time I hear “Clean off that cock, pig” I am ready to explode.

Angelo. My God, Liam, what a scene. I have particularly fond memories of glory hole play, including one memorable encounter with porn stud Jake Andrews of Falcon (and other studios) fame many years ago when he was still in college. Imagine my surprise when the shy, quiet, stand-off-ish stud I had sucked off and been sucked by in university tea-rooms was staring back at me on a box cover of a hot gay porn vid.

Angelo is incredible and that scene is masterful. The camera playing “hide-n-seek” in the stall, and “peeking” out of the backpack was the perfect method for shooting the dangerous play that is public tea-room sex. Angelo’s skills are to die for. A little teasing….a lot of slurping….a little tongue…and then a complete engulfing of wet, juicy cock made for fantastic viewing, and all from the vantage point of the voyeur stumbling upon the surprise of hot, public sex.

Once again, we are the beneficiaries of Liam Cole’s brilliant combination of voyeur and videographer, and his keen eye for what will reach right down to the viewer’s balls. If tea-room sex is your thing, this scene should send you into sexual orbit.

Next up, we get to see Florian Manns again, and among the tops is another personal favorite – Anton Dickson. I happened upon Anton’s posting on a gay website. Was delighted to see he is active as a videographer. Was shocked to learn his age. Gads he is gorgeous, hot, the cock is magnificent, his fucking skills among the best, and to think he might look this good well into his 50’s and beyond is wonderful to simply contemplate! Whatever the diet, Anton, bring it on!

I digress. Great scene. Would gladly have traded the cigarette smoking for the inhaling of something else. (Poppers, anyone???) But there was more hot group sex, with hot guys seemingly very much into it.

The next two scenes are great examples of hot one-on-one sex. Handsome, blue-eyed blond Lars Freimann takes on the hot black cock of Frederik Berlin, and obviously Frederik knows how to deliver the goods, based on Lars big smile at the end of this scene.

Meanwhile, one of the hotter bottoms in the entire production is newcomer…or should that be newcummer…Ygor. Cute/hot/handsome…a willing ass….and again that eagerness to clean off that cummy cock made this a “hit the headboard” scene at the end. Phil provides his own cute/hot persona to make this a very hot two-way.

IN THE FLESH is an amazing video. Creatively fashioned with basement bar sex, steamy gangbangs including an incredible 11-on-1, tea-room suck-offs and all via the watchful lense of Liam Cole. There is most definitely an “edge” to his creativity that hits my buttons. Normally I prefer to edge my cock for one grand blast at the end of a video. I blew three different loads (“Yeah, clean off that cock” LOL) watching this one. Perhaps that will be my own personal measuring stick.

On a scale of one-to-three, this was a three-shooter. Awesome, Liam.

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