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San Francisco, CA — January 6, 2012 — MANFUCK MANIFESTO, the already controversial revolutionary fuckvid from TIM’s boundary-busting founder Paul Morris, is available now exclusively at the studio’s website in DVD and Download to Own (DTO) formats: http://www.treasureislandmedia.com/urls/manfuckmanifesto

“Most porn today is criminally negligent in fulfilling the responsibility to show man-sex as it really is, wild and raw and full of life,” proclaimed Morris. “Our sex isn’t something incidental to our lives, something secondary. It’s the very heart of who and what we are. I’m fucking sick and tired of producers who only think about commerce and profit and continually create representations of our sex–our heritage–that are filled with ‘models’ and ‘actors’ and clichéd ham-bone bullshit.

“Given the ramping up of the conservative political climate today, the responsibility carried by pornographers is greater now than ever: Show the world how men fuck! Don’t make it pretty and don’t make it ‘safe.'”

In MANFUCK MANIFESTO, Morris continues his life-long project to document the full range of male sexuality in action and present it as honestly and accurately as possible.

“If a culture is based on the light-weight fantasy of some businessman or drag queen, that culture is in trouble. Don’t trivialize the meat of the matter!” Morris stated. “Base your culture on tired and antiseptic fantasy and the world won’t understand or value you. And you see this today: the world at large has little to no understanding of the profound role that our sex has in determining our lives and identities.

“Well, this culture of ours–this identity of ours–is rooted in our sex. We fuck ass; we suck cock; we love men. And this video is a statement of commitment and fucking pride. This is who we are, this is what we do. If you can take it, if you see yourself in it, then you’re with us. And if you’re with us, that’s revolutionary. A world is being built on this, a world that embraces the living and vital culture of men. This is the world I believe in and live for.”

Running over two hours, MANFUCK MANIFESTO features ex-soldier Ethan Wolfe, as well as Brad McGuire, BJ Slater, Calvin, Derek Anthony, and Wade Stone. It also features John Sullivan, Blake Daniels, Ian Jay, and new T.I.M. inductee Jackson Taylor in authentically raw and unscripted fuck sessions ranging from deeply personal one-on-ones to full-on gangbangs.

MANFUCK MANIFESTO is available in DVD and Download to Own (DTO) formats at the Treasure Island Media website:




Released: January 2012

Exclusives: Brad McGuire, BJ Slater, Calvin, Damon Dogg, Derek Anthony, Ethan Wolfe, and Jackson Taylor.

Starring: Ian Jay, John Sullivan, Blake Daniels, Wade Stone, Ray Dalton, Jay Elliott, Max Sanchez, Dennis, Noah Foxx, Ty Roberts, Tennessee, Dimitri Santiago, Bruno, James, Jack Allen, and Matt Sizemore.

Extras: Cumshot Review, T.I.M. Previews

Runtime: 129 min.


Treasure Island Media (T.I.M.) is the world’s most watched, most-imitated and most influential producer of all-male pornography. Paul Morris, founder and owner of T.I.M., is dedicated to the support of wildly creative free expression. “More a cult than a porn studio,” Treasure Island Media supports innovative intellectual, social and artistic work worldwide.

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