02-02-12 TIMSuck Exclusive Scene: Brad McGuire & Seth


Seth has come a long way from the inexperienced but enthusiastic kid who first walked through our doors. A fully corrupted and devoted member of the TIM cult now, Seth started salivating and practically creamed himself when we told him we were giving him a shot at Brad McGuire’s legendary cock…

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[hana-flv-player video=’http://asrv.treasureislandmedia.com/TIMSUCK/02-02-12BRADandSETH/PROMO/TRAILER/BRADandSETH_trlr.mp4′ width=600 height=400/]

Cum watch two of our master cocksmiths at play at TIMSuck.com!

  1. Hey lads. Great blog seeing you all marked. I was just thinking I would love for Paul Morris to slap his autograph on the side of my tattoo, so I can the get it tattooed over the actual signature.
    Another ideas would be to have the signatures on my bare arse of any TIM studs who reserve the right to fuck my arse, leave their load , then ‘sign it off’ Then have those signatures tattooed too.
    I recon it would be Awsome and an amazing way to have my territory marked by TIM men
    What you think?

  2. that kid seth is so hot n good, u should def have pair him with a hung balck top like in machofucker’s6 with Qwam.. he is also an avid cum scucker , woiuld be good for a dunk on cum revival, showing these new kids getting corrupted and viced in cum
    just my 5 cents

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