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Get the pre-release scene free when you buy CHEAP THRILLS 3

Max Sohl’s RETURN TO MEAT RACK will hit the streets at the end of this month. Do yourself a favor in the meantime. Pick up CHEAP THRILLS VOLUME 3 for only $19.95 and get Max’s pre-release scene for free.

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  1. Dear Paul,

    I have been a fan of TIM since the first movie you produced and I have many favorites but my favorite to this date is Ray Dalton. He is hot and I love his tan body which he now has a speedo tanline(prefer him tanned all over), but he is just so intense and sexy. I want so bad to see his scene with Matt Sizemore but finances are hard right now. I have always dreamed you would give Ray a movie of his own like you did Brad, Christian and of Course Dawson. I have even came up with a title called Ray Dalton’s Palm Springs Weekend where he fucks and gets fucked all weekend long while staying at the famous Camp Palm Springs Resort where once he checks in he is naked the entire time. I am a photographer and wanted to dab in directing and just a chance to see Ray filming a scene would be a dream cum true. I am a black man and would live to see a black guy give it to Ray good and most of all see BJ Slater give it to Ray so hard that he yells in pleasure. My ultimate is to see Ray oiled up poolside, get up and suck a huge cock so good that the guy grabs Ray, throw him down and give him an intense fucking he won’t soon forget. If my fantasy can’t be met then I would always settle for an autograph pic of the incredible Ray Dalton. Thanks for reading this message and can’t wait til I am able to purchase Manfuck Manifest and Return to the Meatrack.
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    PS… Ever considered filming at INN LEATHER Resort here in Ft. Lauderdale? They are big fans and would love to have another film made on their property.

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