Tatts & Ass revisited

Remember Jason, and his message from way back in March 2010?

Well here’s a recent message from him, catching up:

Hey Liam. I’ve written you before. I just thought I’d share an update with you. I am going to CumUnion tonight with some friends. I am finally letting go, and jumping off that cliff. I’ll be taking loads from whoever, and loading up anyone who wants it. Thanks for making such hot and inspiring porn. The fact that you do what you do makes guys like me realize who and what I am. Tonight, I step over the threshold. I become a real man.

Of course, I asked him for a full report, and it came back the next day:

I had the time of my life. The place was packed with all kinds of men. Every shape and size. I got in a sling for the first time ever, and had a crowd of about 7 guys surrounding me. I had made friends with a group of hot dudes, so they were there fucking me, loading me up, and cheering me on. One guy just kept handing me lube and poppers whenever I wanted either I think one of the hottest points of the night was some random guy letting us use his cum as lube. I was getting nailed by his hot, punky, tattooed friend who was working the event with him. I had a blast, and I am so glad I finally made my mind up to do this. I feel liberated, and ready to explore more of my instincts.

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