Cristian Knox on “SLAMMED” title

Cristian Knox is a camera operator who sometimes shoots bareback porn.

Last week he wrote on his blog, on the subject of “Bugchasing, Death Drive and Transgression”. He offers an enthusiastic thinking-through of barebacking, taking inspiration from Foucault, Butler, Freud, Lacan, Zizek, and Shakespeare.

Cristian also mentions my videos:

“Liam Cole’s recent Full Tilt shows a gangbang bottom, taking load after load, following an onscreen letter written by a fan asking Liam to film him take loads in his “neg” ass. The IMPLICATION is that we are seeing this very fan, acting out his fantasy for Liam’s camera. To take this “danger aesthetic” further, Liam recently released the title of his next film “Slammed” – with all the drug taking connotation that entails.”

He wrote that only two days after I mentioned the SLAMMED title on Facebook. I like his topicality! I’m looking forward to what he’ll write when the video comes out in August. It’s half-way through production now, and it already delivers on that title.

  1. While it would be good to see pnp in one of your scenes, I suspect consent requirements around porn distributed in the US make it unlikely. Which is a shame because slamming a pig bottom is a very real part of the more edgier parts of the ‘scene’. It helps push them into places that they need and deserve to go. It also has a big part to play in many conversions whether deliberate or not, again making it integral to the no-holes-barred bareback scene. I know of a few bitches you could film if only getting this stuff on tape and into the market was a real possibility !

  2. this looks great Liam
    will this actually be featuring slamming/PNP?

  3. Hi Liam,
    An old Berlin connection here. 🙂
    Just read your blog entry about Slammed.
    We should talk ASAP.
    Please email me direct.

  4. Never been drug fucked, I slammed then dunked. Now that would be something recording I prosperity . JoeUK

  5. Liam,
    I love all your vids and have purchased all of them I think!
    Is your new film “Slammed” about actual slamming drugs?
    Oh! God I hope so…nothing better than PNP!!!!

      1. Thanks Liam…I can’t wait to get your new film SLAMMED !!!
        I think it’s going to be right up my alley!!!

  6. Cant wit to see he finished product Liam. Your work is fucking awome . If you need a guy with a clapper board (or a fluff’r ) let me know

  7. Liam, I cannot fucking wait for this one – have wanted you to do a slam video for years!

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