Gay Flag Raised Over U.S. Military Base in Afghanistan

Six months after the official end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and the LGBT presence in the U.S. military is unmistakable. In Afghanistan—the domain of an American Mstr. Sgt. who found himself “disgusted” with the homecoming pics of same-sex couples —a new symbol of American Pride is raised. The picture above was posted to the Wipeout Homophobia Facebook group along with a caption reading, “hubbie in afghanistan raising a gay pride flag.”

A woman named Nicole Jodice submitted the picture to the FB group displaying her equality-minded husband flying the rainbow stripes. A few dissenters commented, including one asking “Where is the American flag!!! WTH???,” to which Nicole replied, “rest asure the american flag was being flown also just on another flag pole is all.” Otherwise, the reception was positive.

Nice to be reminded that the U.S. starkly contrasts to how Turkey deals with its gay soldiers, right?
Courtesy of Instinct Magazine 
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