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Written by Buckhead Daddy. 

I found this video difficult to watch.  I would watch it and cum, then recover, and cum again.  It took me a while to see the entire video.  Max Sohl really created a masterpiece with this video.  In some ways, it reminded me of the ancient Catalina Videos where men would walk around in the woods, or on beach fronts,  and meet other hot men that would fuck the cum out of them.  Of course, he puts his own spin on this one.  I like the blend of beloved fuck videos style and story with the new style of Sohl’s videos.

The first scene is a jaw breaker.  Christian, who can take about any size cock out there, down the throat and up the ass, is face raped and fucked with a nasty hot load of cum just melting and pouring out of his fuckhole.  He takes Hot Rod’s enormous cock like  it was nothing.  Now Hot Rod has a cock.  Fat, long, veins pushing out.  I love Black men as you can see from my own videos, and this is one I would love to feel in my ass. Fuck!  I  can only imagine how much fun he has with men. Christian swallows that big fucker all the way to the balls and then takes  every inch of that black cock up his gut.

Christian gets fucked all throughout the this video, and each scene is hot as hell.  Sohl gets the perfect angle to capture the penetration, and gets your mouth watering as the cum leaks out of Christian’s hole.  Fucking amazing shit.

Lito Cruz has an amazing uncut cock.  Watching Colin Black take that big cock up the ass, and then later in the vid, watching him put his big cock up Christian’s ass showed his true versatility.  Lito is an angry looking top fucker–he knows what he wants and takes it, and fucks ass like he is venting pent up anger.  That energy will make you blow your load for sure!

Jim Ferro looks possessed. He has a glazed look come over his face when Christian sucks his cock.  It was at that point that I knew he was going to devour Christian’s boyish ass.  And he does. I mean he fucks him hard–in total TIM style.

The four way scene brought my cum out pretty quick. Seeing Logan, Colin Black, Colin Steele  and Christian together was a head rush.  Starting out jacking off, Logan and two Colins pull out their monster cocks, and Christian emerges, getting scull fucked down to their balls before each takes their turn on his fuckhole. You know that Christian was born to satisfy men.  And he can take the biggest and roughest of them all.

Dimitri Santiago is a fucking turn on for me.  I would take his dick anytime he wanted to give it to me.  I really got off on his hairy legs, fat ball sack and his aggressive fucking. He was a no-nonsense powerfucker, probably born in hell and emerged simply to breed men. Rocky Dimarco knows how to suck a cock. Even better, I loved watching his hairy ass get pounded without mercy by Dimitri.  The whole fuck scene seemed like a prison fuck.  Male on male sex at its best.  And when Dimitri came, his face showed tremendous release, and intense energy.  And Sohl got it all.

I love close-ups and penetrations shots.  Adam Gunner, when he fucked Christian in the shower, had him in a position that I can only imagine what Christian was feeling.  The way he had his ass arched, and  the angle of penetration pulled on his gut and fuckhole in an unnatural way that sent him (and me) over the edge. Christian’s cock was rock hard during this fucking–and his face said he really was enjoying Gunners big dick up the ass. When the camera focused in on Christian’s gaping fuckhole wide open and him pushing it out..well that took me over the edge again.  It took me forever to watch this scene. And I watched it 4 times.

The last scene Colin Steele gives a powerhouse fucking to Matt Sizemore.  Steele just takes what he wants, not that Sizemore was giving him much resistance.  Steele is a tough motherfucker and his dick gets what it wants.  Almost like two true personalities.  There is the sound of a helicopter flying around, and it makes you wonder if the police are watching the action.  Who knows. But an unpredicted event like that in the filming just added, at least for me, even more drama to this intense fuck scene.

Honestly I was worn out after this video.  I shot 6 loads in the course of this video.  Sohl put together an amazing group of people, with angles and scenes that made me feel like I was standing there with those guys, watching the sex.  The occasional subtle music and water scenes added a feeling of mystery and naturalism to the sex.

You really should get this video for your collection. It is one of those videos you will immediately go to when you want some porn to liberate your load.

BTW, there is an amazing BONUS scene on the DVD I won’t reveal here.

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