Why I Love Treasure Island Media

Celebrities like Madonna, Bieber, and Usher are not just singers, they are artists.  Most of us can sing, but the difference is that these, and other celebrities, take our natural ability to sing to a whole different level of expression.  Through their singing, they create meaning, emotion, and perform in ways that touch the deepest parts of our minds and souls.   We have all seen many others perform who merely sing, possibly quite well, such as on American Idol, but they just don’t get it–they sing well, but they don’t connect with us on a deeper level.

Likewise, we have all seen porn that is somewhat hot, usually with hot men, fucking, barebacking, and boring.  These videos fail to connect with us on a deeper level, to excite and stimulate the reservoir of our sexual energy, and even more-so fail to connect with us on a psychological level–the level that makes the difference between watching guys fuck, and feeling that sexual energy jump from the screen into our bodies and minds.  That is why I consider those at TIM –Paul Morris, Liam Cole, Max Sohl, and the men in their videos, and the men behind the scenes working the cameras and such– “Pornartists”, not “Pornographers”.

These men take the natural act of fucking and film it in a way that touches the deepest sexual core of most of us.  Especially me. And because of the powerful work of these men, they unfortunately get bashed by other reviews on the basis of  “promoting bareback sex”.  These reviewers are immature, don’t get what TIM is all about, and fail to see the deeper intellectual and artistic sophistication  of the guys at TIM.  I am sorry, but we were not born with condoms on our cocks.  Bareback is the natural way we were made.  I think some forget that.

I am a big fan of all of the guys at TIM. I think Paul Morris’ porn philosophy is most interesting. This is one man who truly understands the mental processing and the role of porn in our lives.  He stated on his blog  “ I think it’s a job of porn to reflect the experience and the character of the people who watch it. Since danger and risk are so much a part of the sexual experience, it’s necessary that dangerous activities be represented, and that the danger be at least occasionally real and shocking.

Paul Morris has artistic philosophies that make his video art so desired by many in the gay community. According to Ryan Sullivan’s documentary that focuses on TIM, Paul dislikes physical and emotional disconnect..where one of the men engaging in sex dissociates with the sexual event.  Personally I feel the same.  I have seen so many fuck videos where the mere fact that it is directed by someone else is a total disconnect.  The men fucking are being told how to fuck from another person’s perspective and not allowed to fuck and create sexual energy and meaning with each other during the filming process.  Paul really hit this aspect of porn on the head.  And his top quality work really shows.

Another amazing mind at TIM is Liam Cole.  He is truly unbelievable.  Just look at his art work and you KNOW  he gets what true porn-art is all about.  I have never met Liam, but sitting over coffee and just talking for a few hours would be the experience of a lifetime for me.  Since I haven’t met him in person, I can’t tell you how he thinks, all I can do is look at the evidence I see in his artwork, his video productions, and comments he makes on his blog.

One of his most controversial films  FULL TILT shows his true knowledge of getting into the psyche of viewers and capturing and exciting that dormant sexual energy.  He states “Some guys have a sex life. Others live sex. They fuck more people, more often, longer and harder, with no limits and no apologies. They make man-breeding into an art, a religion, a calling. It’s my honor to hang out with these dedicated cumhounds as they spend days on end feeding their addiction and exchanging their loads, united by a shared compulsion. When I record them in action I’m documenting a way of life, in the raw, stripped stylings of “porno.” These are not phony, air-brushed fantasies. They’re home movies from a subcultural netherworld where real men really fuck, fearless and uncompromising, true to the deepest part of themselves: living and fucking at full tilt.

Do you see the difference in TIM directors and producers?  This philosophy and mindset is obviously transferred to the men in the videos.  I am hesitant to even call them performers, as they are hot men being men in the deepest connected way.  It just so happens that a camera is around capturing it.    And they are definitely not actors– there is no acting going on here…just raw sex at its best.  Check out Liam’s artwork on my blog.  You will see what I am talking about.

I don’t know a lot about Max Sohl yet.  I am totally impressed by his work though.  He has a way of blending the old school style porn with TIM’s cutting-edge style.  His artistic concepts and  mass orgies really do it for me.  My apologies Mr. Sohl for not processing your work more in-depth as of this blog, but rest assured, I am not only impressed so far, but hope to get into your artistic mind more and more as I watch your work.

I encourage all of my fans to check out the work of these guys.  I really can identify with these artists and their amazing work.

  • Controversial? YES
  • Creative? YES
  • Cutting-edge? YES
  • Realistic? YES
  • Natural Gay Sex? YES

Read more from Buckhead Daddy on his blog, Buckhead Daddy’s Gay Sex Blog.

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  1. I the porn world, some studios give men the Disney fairytale life that to me is unrealistic, unbelievable, and downright too kiddie for me. Give me the gritty, downtrodden, lowlife, hard breathing, moaning, groaning, begging for it, sex that real men really crave and society won’t let up have. This is the real sex, where romance doesn’t enter our thoughts, just brainless mind fucking, a meditation as if… Where men don’t have to be perfect, muscular, or charming. This is sex, this is carnal, this is what is really craved!

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