IT’S COMING || Suck Dick/Save The World 3

Suck Dick/Save The World 3, the latest cum-guzzling opus from Paul Morris is coming… Are you ready?

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Join the TIM Army of Cocksuckers at

“I will not rest until every man in the world experiences the pure joy and salvation of cocksucking,” Paul Morris

  1. yeah and compare their vionelt crimes to American vionelt crimes, you really are a dumb fuck aren’t you? their crime rate is lower than America’s, their abortion rate is lower, lower birth mortality rates, lower obesity rates, lower rapes, less children in poverty(and overall), less household debt, they have better healthcare(and spend less on it), better economy, better employment(of course), less political, corruption, longer life expectancy, less of a police state, like..

  2. Out of all the Paul Morris videos I have, I don’t think I have gotten through watching the whole video without getting off big time, and if still have it on for about another 45 minutes I shoot a load again.

  3. The last quote i dont think i can do this anymore!! I say I sure would like to try!! Line them up I got some new knee pads from home depot!!

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