PAUL’S MEN || Vol. 6 The Athletes

Throughout his entire life, Paul Morris has been obsessed with sex, men, and their gorgeous, naked bodies. In high school, Paul started photographing the neighborhood straight boys, nude of course. Since then, he has become fascinated with the male form and the raw beauty that every man exudes.

By concentrating on the traditional and unexpected in his photos, Paul illuminates each nude body revealing the souls of each man he encounters. Morris has a constant desire to display motion and emotion within each photograph. He is intrigued by the challenge of trying to capture beauty in the form of movement.  Paul is often amazed at how the slightest change in a guy’s movement or posture can change the message that is being communicated.

In Morris’ new E-book releases titled “Paul’s Men,” you get to experience what it’s like to be in the studio with Paul as he captures captivating photographs of each beautiful man. These behind-the-scene stories and full color images, taken by Morris himself, are made available for your Apple iPad and other e-reader devices on Treasure Island Media’s website.

In the most recent issue, Paul’s Men: Volume 6 – The Athletes, Morris highlights the physical beauty of two world-class jocks.  Paul is able to perfectly capture the pure innocence and muscular physiques of these two stunningly sculpted men. This is a must read for all TIM Fans.

Volumes 1-6 of Paul’s Men, are currently available from Treasure Island Media. 

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  1. Both these boys are beautiful. I’ve enjoyed these little ebooks that Paul Morris have been putting out lately. Keep them coming 🙂

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