CUMSLOPPY STORY || 7 Fucks – 6 Holes In 14 Days

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Well, it seems I’m on a bit of a roll. This fuck makes 7 fucks and 6 loads in 14 days – I’m averaging one every two days… So this sub boy contacted me on Adam4Adam, his profile said “safe sex only” but I asked if he was OK with getting fucked raw. He said he’d done it before and was OK with it. But (long story short), he stood me up. He said he was leaving his place – it should have been a half hour for him to get here and an hour later he wasn’t here. While I was waiting for a message or something from him I got on A4A Radar (their iPhone app) and this other guy contacted me asking for my load. He was a young Latin cub – not exactly my type, but when he said he was 2 blocks and an avenue away and was cleaned out and ready to go, I sent a message to the first guy and said yes to the 2nd guy.

10 min or so later he was at my place. We stripped down and he sucked my dick for a while. He was a good cocksucker, but if you’ve been reading this for a while you’ll know oral doesn’t quite do it for me. It wasn’t until I started feeling his hole that I got completely hard. He sucked my dick some more and then we got to fucking. He asked for poppers. I had no clue where mine were so I couldn’t give him any. He seemed unusually sensitive and inhibited as I was pushing in. He kept pulling away and pretending like he couldn’t take it. I’ve fucked enough bottoms to know once my dick is in a certain amount, I can go the rest of the way without any trouble – I don’t have a tapered dick or anything. But he kept pulling off.

FINALLY I got him on his belly and got all the way into him. I’m really hit or miss with cubs and I tried a few positions and just couldn’t find one that worked right. The whole time he was being verbal and telling me how he wanted my load. Finally I was overheated and could feel my dick deflating, so I pulled out and laid beside him. He was wondering if anything was wrong, but accepted it when I said I just needed a breather. He said he really hoped he could get my load. As I was laying there I thought there was a pretty slim chance of cumming with him, but after about 5 minutes I got a 2nd wind and when my dick was semi-hard and hard enough to fuck I pushed back in. This time I had him on his belly, legs spread and finally got that feeling on the head of my dick that meant there was a good chance I’d cum.

Given that I was already overheated, I came as quickly as I could. Since I had cum the night before it wasn’t the biggest load, but he still got it nice and deep. We laid there for a couple minutes and then got up and he went to the bathroom where he stayed FOREVER. I made the bed, folded some towels that had come out of the laundry, got mostly dressed and finally had to ask if everything was OK, at which point he came out of the bathroom. I’m thinking he was trying to shit the cum out of his ass. Later I looked at his profile on the web version of A4A and it said “neg, safe sex only”… I’m guessing he got freaked out being a cumdump for a complete stranger.

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