2012 IML || We Might Not Be Welcomed But You Should Still Enjoy Yourself


We’re getting used to not being welcomed at events, it’s actually making us feel more prestigious then if we were to be invited. This year the International Mr. Leather Festival continues its ban on those of use who embrace sex in its true, raw form. For those TIMPigs who made the journey to Chicago to enjoy this tribute to a great culture, we say have fun, enjoy yourself, but most important find someone to fuck bare!

Since we can’t be there first hand to experience everyones RAW FUN, be sure to share photos, stories and reviews from this year event with us. EMAIL MITCH WITH UPDATES. Note that anything you send with us is subject to being shared here on our blog, unless you ask that it not. 

  1. TIM Men should be welcome everywhere…..the others are just jealous of how HOT the TIM MEN really are…..Go TIM.the hottest guys around…..

  2. I'm FROM chicago and never bothered going to most of the events. I found them somewhat lame personally, if I want leather and fetish ill invite a boy over or go to the eagle/mans country.

  3. poor bitches I love watching your movies its a jugment call 4 safe sex just because you watch a guy robe a bank don't mean you are going to do it xoxo.

  4. poor bitches I love watching your bye movies its a jugement call 4 safe sex just because you see a guy robe a bank don't mean you going to do it.

  5. poor bitches well I love watching your bye movies and its a jugement call 4 safe sex just because you see some one robe a bank don't mean your going to do it……………..

  6. That's bull, you should be welcome at any event you choose to go to. There are bondage groups, fetish groups, etc. that all go to events. I know I would support you, because I would love to meet some of the actors since I know I'll never get back to San Francisco again before I pass away with this asbestos cancer and hospice wouldn't allow me to take the trip. I would need to have the military provide my oxygen equipment from somewhere in CA area, and taking all the meds on the plane I probably would need approval from the airlines.

  7. You and the other Babreback companies are missed in the Leather Mart, and speaking for myself only, the ban is pointless, stupid, and does nothing to encourage or discourage one sexual choice over another.

  8. I suppose the organizers want to sterilize gay life just like the rest of society so its more palatable to the straights. life is for living raw…not wrapped up in a protective candy coating.

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