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He’s not the first classical musician I’ve shot.  It was fun to talk with him about the mechanics of his instrument—the oboe—and the extreme difficulties of crafting the double reeds for it.

Although he was serious enough, he was also extremely playful and intelligent.  I messed around with lights and angles more than usual.  The more I take photos, the more I feel that I’m a neutral presence that enables the men to portray themselves.

After a while, though, I began to notice that he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the camera.  His eyes were locked in, almost hypnotized by it. I had Trevor try various crazy things–grabbing him from behind like this, just as I was snapping the shot.  Even that didn’t work.


I tried odder and odder things.  I gave him this toy school bus, perched him on a stool.  I tilted the camera every which way.  But he just got more serious and gazed even more deeply at the camera. For some reason I didn’t want just to tell him to look away.  I’m sure that would have worked, but it seemed wrong.

I took a break.  When I came back I took a series of shots of his body without his face. During these shots it became clear that he’s a deeply sexually open man.  These poses were open and inviting.


Then I had him simply sit and spread his legs apart for me.  I said “Now I’m going to obsess over your cock and balls.”  And when I said that his hips moved almost imperceptibly forward, giving himself up completely.

After a good while, he seemed completely relaxed.  So long as I stayed focused on his genitals he was fine.

I brought the camera back up to his face and his hand went to his throat and he gave me this remarkable wary gaze. Ultimately, there was something balanced, expressive, eloquent about him.  I’d pushed him a bit, with silliness and lust, and now I pulled back and said “Last shot.”

He took this pose, both revealing and restrained.  His right hand reached through and rested on his calf, almost like a lovely ornament in a classical melody.


Enjoy – Paul Morris

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