In this weeks Casting Call we introduce you to Karl Koxx, a sexy stud from Colorado. Karl submitted his application to our SF office, in hopes of being on of the next Morris’ Men. What do you think, is he worthy of being a TIMman and featured in an upcoming scene?

Enjoy his application below, then go to Facebook and vote whether we should brand him a Morris Man.

Karl’s Application. –


  • [cock size] => 6.5″
  • [cut/uncut] => cut
  • [height] => 5’7″‘
  • [weight] => 130 lbs
  • [hair] => brown
  • [eye] => green
  • [bodytype] => swimmer
  • [ethnic] => white
  • [recdrug] => GHB on occasion, socially
[Sexual Preferences]
  • [fucking] =>bottom
  • [sucking] => vers
  • [piss play] => bottom
  • [nipple play] => vers
  • [fleching] => bottom
  • [fist fucking] => vers
  • [rimming] => vers
  • [S&M] => bottom
  • [turn ons] => A man that exudes sexual confidence, I like men like Brad McGuire and Dawson
  • [turn offs] => twinks/ fems or a lack of confidence
  • [fanatasy] => my biggest fantasy is to be abducted randomly while walking down the street or about to come into my house or during my sleep. I’m taken by at least two men who’s faces I can’t see and voices i don’t recognize. They take me somewhere downstairs like a basement and tell me to scream and yell all i want but no-one will save me. they tell me to follow instructions and i won’t get hurt…to bad. I am blind folded and bound at my feet and hands. I’m taken into a room and forced to lay on my back on a table where i am re-bound still blind folded and force-chemmed with i don’t know what or how much…then these two and others take turns having their way with me in every sense – I am slapped/punched/fucked/pissed on and in/forced to suck cock and swallow cum and eat ass. when they are finished with me I am taken back into their van – it’s now daylight tho I have no idea how many days i’ve been gone and driven into town where they pull me out – naked, leaving me on a sidewalk still bound and blindfolded and drive away.
  • [sexual talent] => I am an amazing cock sucker – the bigger the better

Should Karl Be Our Next TIMWhore? Click here to vote and help us decide.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. Put him at the glory hole & let him fill his holes, would love to see him fuck himself on a big fat uncut cock…..mouth & hole!

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