Nevada is  a 22 yr old “straight”  top from California. He currently travels back and forth from Reno and The Bay Area as he is a business student. He used to be a stripper but now dedicates his time to school and training for a body building show.

He’s very laid back and had no problem talking about his sexual escapades, for example: he once slept with an old lady for a burrito.  He’s never been with a guy yet but is curious to try it out. He will only have sex with someone if he is in complete control, so naturally he isn’t into guys or girls who are built like him but only smaller stature people. He likes to choke his sexual partners and the dirtier and more submissive they are the better.

Nevada recently submitted an application to come use all of our “fucktube” bottoms. The proceeding is his application. What do you think, is he worthy of being a T.I.M.Man? Enjoy his application , then go to Facebook and vote.

Nevada’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 7″
  • [cut/uncut] => cut
  • [height] => 6’3″
  • [weight] => 210 lbs
  • [hair] => brown
  • [eye] => blue
  • [bodytype] => jock
  • [ethnic] => white
  • [recdrug] =>  not my thing
  • [fucking] =>total top
  • [sucking] => total top
  • [piss play] => total top
  • [nipple play] => total top
  • [fleching] => total top
  • [fist fucking] => total top
  • [rimming] => vers
  • [S&M] => none
  • [turn ons] => Weak guys I can throw around. Bottom whores that like to be my fucktube
  • [turn offs] => guys who want any type of control
  • [fanatasy] => having a sex slave
  • [sexual talent] =>I love choking a guy

Should Nevada Be Our Next TIMWhore? Click here to vote and help us decide.

Think you have what it takes to be on of Paul Morris’ Men? Fill out an application here.

  1. Throw him in a sling & let anybody have at it…top? Straight? Fill him up boys!

  2. Really Guys what are you trying to do ruin a porn company and piss off most of the other cast and crew, He is a Straight Boy who is just looking to fuck he is ok but not like a straight greek god and his cock is not very big, he is going to be picky, bitchy and have anattitude since most all of the cast is gay and beyond, So NO NO NO ,,,, you can find a hot gay stud that looks straight to play that role Like Wagner or his Boyfriend, omg those two adonis studs could tag team and feed me and fuck me and breed me anytime….
    BUT I do agree if you want to bring him on and then abduct him tie him up and gang rape his ass and mouth till cum is comming out his ears, then i would say yes

  3. He can choke me if he wants to. What? Like I could stop him. My kind of man for sure. Hot as fuck. I was with a guy into breath control once. I told him no. Next thing I knew I was going out. Then next thing I knew he was slapping me awake. I didn’t think I liked it. But I was with him for 5 hours that first time. lol

  4. He’s merely OK. His looks are OK. His body is OK. His dick is OK. He just does not have the look of a guy who wants to do all of TIM’s fuckable bottoms. He does have kind of a trashy look that some will find hot. I’d rather see the fuckable bottoms indoctrinate him by making him bottom.

  5. nah, straight turns me off. IF I want straight I go see the fake cockyboys or randyblue guys.

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