When I walked in, Trevor turned around. They both seemed surprised, as if I’d caught them.  They felt like little boys.  He’s closing in on 35.  He strips at the Nob Hill Theatre but rarely.  He felt distracted, unsure of himself.

Throughout the shoot it was as though he was trying to overcome insecurity.  Now that his stripping career is coming to a close, he’s studying to be an accountant.


As usual, I took a break halfway through the shoot and got a cup of coffee.  When I came back he was sitting like this.  “Hard day?” I asked.  He shrugged and didn’t say anything.  At this point I really felt the weight of his age in his flesh.

I decided to try a more explicit pose and had him sit back like this, spreading his legs.  For a moment his cock grew and got hard.  After a couple of minutes it sank back down.  You can see the traces of precum that leaked when he was erect.


Near the end of the shoot I had him stand.  Finally he was willing to talk a bit.  He told me that he won’t eat sperm because he’s a Vegan.  I blurted out “What? You’re joking, right?”  He shrugged and said “No, but I may give the whole thing up.”  The mid 30s are one of the most confusing points in the lives of gay men, a time when childhood really does end.

The entire shoot had been a bit low.  There’d been moments with a nice sexual charge but they’d faded away almost immediately.  I decided to try something strange.

I asked if he remembers his dreams when he wakes up.  “Yes! I’ve been dreaming that I can fly.”  I said “Close your eyes and show me what that’s like.”



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