Chronicles Of A London CumPig || Park Cruising, La Pride and More

Hey, all.

This week I’m back in a, well, cooler London. Actually it’s not that bad, to be honest, but we don’t have the Las Vegas sunshine or the Newport beaches, hehe.

I watched Liam Cole’s awesome Woodland Scene (from the hot DVD Wild Breed) again. It’s a scene that always turns me on so much. This time it made me remember some of my naughty French adventures when I lived in Lille after I first moved to France. I was 19, new to the whole gay thing and still mainly dating girls at the time. But by a coincidence I discovered a forest/park area adjacent to a military training campus, in the citadel, surrounded by a fortified river bank (an ideal cruising ground, it turned out).

I still vividly remember the first time I had sex with one of those horny military boys, him sneaking out at midnight and me wandering around. I saw him coming towards me in the moonlight and before he was even up close, he had ripped most of his clothes off. He pressed his cock deep into my mouth and it didn’t take long before he shot a welcome load in my eager mouth. We lay back, relaxed and watched the twinkling stars. And then he told me, in broken English with a nice thick French accent, “I want your cock in me.” I almost creamed straight away, fucking his smooth horny hole… yummy…

As you can surely guess, I returned many a time, looking for that boy, but never saw him again. Then again, there were many other eager boys to please, so I didn’t complain, hehe.

Los Angeles was lovely, by the way. My hotel was very nice and it turned out it was Gay Pride there, so it was filled with gay guys, all happily humping each other away till late hours. America is such a funny place, it’s all so—hm, not sure how to describe it—not real? Surreal? Like everything is BIG. The cars are massive for a starter, the roads are even bigger, and the food portions are HUGE… God knows how anyone can finish them in one go, hehe. We went to the cinema, and the area outside was like Disneyland, with jumping water features, plastic-looking facades imitating all sorts of European classical styles, etc.

I mean, it was truly awesome. So kitsch but I loved it. It made me laugh a lot, and the sunshine really brought out a naughty side in me, I have to admit.

In Las Vegas, Dino booked us a stretch limo from the airport to the hotel, which was AWESOME. I’d never been in one before; it was sooo cool. We stayed at the fantastic Cosmopolitan Hotel, with its amazing views from the 43rd floor overlooking the jumping water fountains and pools. I fucked some horny boys, and a horny man sucked me off in his room on the 65th floor while his wife was having treatments in the spa area—very hot, hehe.

We also ventured to a local gay bar and found ourselves invited to the VIP area, which is always fun, and watched a stripper strutting his stuff for our entertainment. (It was good to be on the receiving end, for once. Maybe I should get myself a rentboy soon and tell him what to do—sounds like fun, hehe…)

After stripping down to the smallest shorts I could possibly find for LA Gay Pride and walking around on the street in my TIM tank top (that brought many smiles to the naughtier boys), I ended up playing 69 with a very horny looking muscle DJ before heading back to London.

And guess what I did as soon as I got back? Well, of course I went to check out my local cruising toilets, get a few blowjobs, and there we are—back in business again, hehe. I love this town, so easy to get good head, (easier than in the U.S. it seems—though that was probably ’cause I don’t know where to go yet there. Someone teach me please, hehe.)

Here are some photos from my adventures, hope you like them.


Hugs – Anton

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  1. Wow. I truly enjoy reading about Anton's adventures. Love it. So hot and steamy and love reading about them.

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