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So to another week of naughtiness. This week started with a little gay birthday party held by a friend of a friend, where the creme de la creme of London gay men gathered to celebrate his birthday party in true style and decadence, munching on Pavlova and cheesecake while drinking champagne. I was, as usual, on a strict non-alcoholic Sprite regime. It was, indeed, a fun evening; however, I shall not linger on this, as it’s truly too predicible for ‘gay’ fun, as they say.

As usual, I had a few blowjobs in the local cruising toilets at the tube station I walk past to work—a few talented mouths and a few that needed a bit of gentle instruction for improvements; nothing out of the ordinary, just a man’s daily need, hehe.


The surprise was one evening when me and my best friend went to the cinema. He was running a bit late and, after getting the ticket,  I hung around the toilets (I know—classy, lol, but it beats Grindr at times, I promise!). I hadn’t been there long before a horny ginger boy in his late teens entered. One glance was all it took and he knew we were in business. He pulled out a nice-sized, cut cock, and I was down on my knees, sucking it, before he managed to pull out his big hangin’ balls. He was moaning quite loudly so I had to tell him to be quiet as this was a public loo, after all, and usually quite busy after each screening.

He pulled me up after a while and went down on me, which felt so good and I was rock hard. While he was sucking me, I got a text from my mate wondering were I was. I texted back that I was having a dump, but I was just about to dump my load in the boys mouth. And as soon as he could taste my sweet juice, he shot his load over the urinal—hot, creamy, white spunk. I bent over to taste some of his load, sweet boy juice still oozing out of his cock.

After that we both zipped up and he gave me a coy smile, said he had to get back to his girlfriend, and went back into the cinema; I went out to see my friend, who was patiently waiting downstairs.


The day after I was back at the cinema, as I had found an unused ticket to the VIP seats and thought, why not to use it? It turned out the film was utter rubbish and I walked out after 25 min of pure agony (I rarely walk out on films, but this one I couldn’t handle, hehe). I thought, why not pop into the toilets again to see if I could find any fun? Lucky me, a hot hairy guy in his mid 30s was standing there. He glanced in my direction when I entered and I didn’t need more of an invitation: I went down on my knees in front of him and sucked him, good and deep, till he shot a big load in my eager mouth. It tasted sweet and I’m sure he’d had a cappuchino just before—I could taste it in the cum.


Happily I left the cinema. I love the entertainment they serve there. The area it’s situated in is called Angel—how suitable, hehe.

Anyhow, I asked him when he last got a blowjob and he said 8 weeks. Apparently that one was by a girl who couldn’t deep throat, nor swallow cum, nor lick balls, wtf??? No wonder straight guys are completely sexually frustrated and needs to get drunk every other day to stay happy, hehe—I would be an alcoholic if I didn’t get my daily blowjobs (kidding)! But seriously, girls really need to learn about male sexuality and how it functions, much more than men need to learn about female sexuality, hehe.Today I got several messages from a horny straight guy I used to see a couple of years ago. He’s around 28, I think, I was the first guy that sucked his cock (for all I know I might still be the only guy that has sucked his cock); can’t remember if I told you all about him before.


Tomorrow I’m off to the clinic, always fun, and see who I can chat up there this time (or would that be ‘inappropriate,’ hehe?). And guys, remember to eat your two (max. 3, no more) brazil nuts a day, to keep the doctor away and a high CD4 count up (it contains natural selenium). Just a little tip from little me.

See u all soon. Also, I’ll be starting to prepare for my Prague visit soon—watch out, all you Czech boys, here I come!

Hugs – Anton

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  1. I love every movie from TIM…
    I became a sex BB adict becouse of TIM… Awesome!
    I want to be part of you, (TIM), such as an porno-actor, YEAH! Love it!
    Hugs & Kisses!

  2. I want to move to london!
    i've loved every single film.
    out of the uk with these guys!

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