I was really horny one morning, it was a slow weekday, and I was really craving a hard cock to service. I’m attractive, very fit & tan, and rarely have trouble satisfying this craving, but weekday mornings in Topeka can be really slow, and for some reason, I really needed a hard fucking that day. Even though I work as a professional bdsm escort, I ccasionally have an itch that needs scratching also. Don’t we all?

I decided to try something new. I went into a large video booth, taped an 8.5″ x 11″ sign up inside the booth which said:


I stripped down to nothing but my cock ring, put on a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs (behind my back), opened the booth door, knelt down, and waited. Before to long, I heard someone walk to the door, and pause. He conferred in a whisper with someone else, and then I heard two sets of footsteps entering the booth. From their voices, I assume they were black, but with my blindfold on I really couldn’t tell.

Immediately, I was raised off my knees, & bent at the waist. I heard two zippers, pants dropped, and then A very large cock was slid into my mouth. At the same time, his buddy started fondling & fingering my ass. He immediately applied a generous portion of the lube which I had laid out on the bench, then, jammed a second hard cock deep, hard, and painfully up my unstretched asshole, and started fucking my ass, faster & faster.

One grabbed my ears and hammered his cock down my throat while the other grabbed my hips and hard fucked my tight ass. These two waisted no time with pleasantries. They grabbed me, and starting using both my orifices at once to satisfy their two hungry cocks. My hands were handcuffed behind my back, so I had absolutely no choice but to take it.

Before long the cock in my mouth erupted, shooting hot spooie deep into my throat, squirt after delicious squirt,overflowing my mouth and running down my chin. Shortly thereafter, the cock in my ass made a passionate, deep thrust, and just stayed there, shooting squirt after squirt inside me, until my bleeding asshole had milked him dry. I could feel the massive warmth spreading deep inside me, and eventually drain out my ass and down my balls, as he slowly slid out his softening cock.

The two men quickly zipped up, and left. They simply left me there in the booth, naked, blindfolded, handcuffed, and dripping, wearing two loads of hot, sticky, cum. I never knew their names or saw their faces.

God I enjoyed that.

Story Curtesy Of Breeding Zone



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