CUMSLOPPY STORY || Military Gloryhole

I was on active duty at this Air Station and came upon this head across from the Post Office. Small indiscriminate building under a set of stairs. when entering you had to make an immediate left turn and then right, so it was perfect for glory hole action. There was 2 stalls with a glory hole between them and a urinal with a small peep hole from the one booth.

The best adventure I had there was one Saturday morning, I went there around 0900. There was no one around then, but shortly another man came in. He entered the other booth and I looked through the glory hole, he was sitting there stroking a beautiful cock, at least 9″ long and uncut and leaking pre-cum like he had just cum. I motioned for him to slide his cock through the hole and let me suck it. He stood and slid it through and I immediately went down on him.

I deep throated it and he was really getting into it, moaning and encouraging me. and leaking precum like crazy.

Just then the door opened and we had to sit back down. The new man went to the urinal but we didn’t hear any pissing. I looked through and my buddy was looking through the peep hole and stroking his cock.

The new guy came around the front of the stalls and was peering through the crack of my door. I laid back and stroked my 8″ cut cock so he could see it. He was also stroking his cock. I unlocked my door and let him in. He looked to be about 19, 6′, maybe 195, blond/blue, extremely hi and tight hair cut, definitely a Marine.

He had his cock out and was stroking it. It looked to be a match for my buddy in the other booth. I immediately went down on it and was getting my throat thoroughly and royally fucked. I noticed that my buddy in the other booth was watching and getting off on watching. I motioned for him to join us (the booths were small but the one near the wall was private enough that someone cumming in wouldn’t see who was in it).

He came over and joined us. And was I ever shocked. The two guys were identical twins, both in the Marines, and I do mean identical.

By the way, I had stripped down totally when I entered the head (Navy jargon for bathroom). So I told the two of them to strip down also. Saturday is quiet in the head. The head is not marked as a Men’s room, so usually only interested MEN use it.

They both stripped and there names were Jim and Jeff. Although which was which after the first minute of introduction, I lost track. One of them immediately went down on me and was doing a damn fine job of eatting my cock, I took the other ones cock down my throat and was in hog heaven. We switched on and off and were have a great old suck orgy among ourselves. I spun one them around and was in the process of eating out his sweet Marine ass, while he was sucking his brothers identical cock. I then stood up and lined my cock up on his asshole and was rubbing it all around his hole. I leaned over and kissed his brother and slowly inched my cock up his ass. Man he really almost bit his brothers cock at that time. But he sure was tight. he calmed down and really got into it. His brother came behind me and started eating me out. Paradise, fucking and getting eaten out at the same time. The next thing I knew, he stood and slid his cock up my ass, Now I don’t get fucked very often, and he was HUNG.

I probably imitated his brothers moans and groans, at least for the first couple of minutes till I got used to his Marine Cock. Then we got a good rythm going, and we were really pumping away at each others asses.

I was getting closer than I wanted, but couldn’t do anything about it other than go for it, we were barebacking it. I leaned in and told him I was ready to cum and asked whether I should pull out or not, and he just said “Fill me UP, fucker”.

I immediately began cumming up his tight Marine ASS, his brother could feel me cumming and he immediately began filling me up. Felt like I was shooting a load and getting it right back up my ass.

Man I was in paradise, fucking and getting fucked and taking and giving a hot fucking load of cum.

And I was the meat in the sandwich. And the mayonnaise was fucking great.

We separated and I sat on the toilet to rest for a minute. The brother I was fucking turned around and he hadn’t cum yet. So I took his big Marine cock down my throat and was going for the load of a century. His brother was eatting him out getting my load of cum from his ass. He grabbed my head and was ramming my throat like a pile driver. He rammed all the way in and almost drowned my when he came. At least 6 shots of cum, the sweetest cum I have ever tasted.

I am sorry to say that is the only time I met with them, they were there on training, and were leaving the next week to return to their base.

But what a Saturday that was.

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