Does Size Matter?

As gay men, we are constantly living in an appearance-driven and highly sexualized environment that primarily focuses on the male image. Every day, through the internet, advertising, television and magazines, we are continuously reminded and made aware of our own self image, but within our culture, there is nothing discussed, admired or idolized more than the size of the gay man’s penis. You would have a hard time finding a guy who hasn’t broken out a ruler and measured their manhood at least once in their lifetime. From a very early age when boys start going through puberty, there is a constant obsession with the size of your penis. That is why one of the greatest questions ever asked that might never actually find an answer is, “Does size really matter?”

Everywhere we look these days, the male sexual organ is portrayed as oversized and used to attract our attention. Underwear is made to make our package look bigger, gay porn stars are marketed as having massive tools, and when you see a hot guy at the bar our eyes tend to immediately gravitate towards his bulge. Consciously or unconsciously, we develop a lifelong fascination with our penis. We compare it to other guys in the locker room, measure it up to your best friend, and even hope that one day it’ll be bigger than your father’s. However, when it comes to sex, every guy wishes it was a little bit bigger.

When it comes to penis size, what is more important: length or girth? Studies show that when erect, the average length of the male penis is between 5.6 and 6.3 inches with an average girth of 4.7 to 5.2 inches. You often hear guys say “I’m a grower, not a shower.” According to the same study, the flaccid length of the penis has no direct correlation to the size of the erect penis. However, penises that are smaller, when flaccid, tend to be able to have the ability to grow more while longer flaccid penises don’t grow as much.

Gay men who engage in anal sex definitely tend to have their own preference when it comes to the size of penis they enjoy the most. Some men prefer longer penises because they claim it has the ability to stimulate the prostate better. On the other hand, others prefer a meatier, or thicker penis because then the anus is stretched out more and the penis is able to create more friction against the anal walls. Some men just want the biggest one they can find.

However, most men will agree that good sex goes well beyond the size of the package that their partner is working with. To say that men who have small penises are bad in bed is a thoughtless generalization that most would have to quickly disagree with. Even though the penis might be vital to the love making process, the combination of romance, passion and skill are all direct contributors that add to the greater sexual experience. When it comes to finding the right fit, it’s usually the total package that’s more important than just the one hanging between his legs.


  1. As long as it shoots loads of hot gooey cum deep in either hole I happen to have it in is really all that matters to me. The bigger the loads the better I say.

  2. I would say size doesn't matter, its the skill with it, BUT less skill is required by someone with a bigger penis. I've had fewer bad shags off big cocks than small ones.

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