Through The Lens Of PonyTIM || T.I.M. Road trip: Part Two

I stepped outside for a smoke the first night we were at the hotel. I leaned over the balcony of the second floor and noticed a car pull into the parking lot. Three women and a man stepped out of the car. The driver was in full dominatrixes gear. Head-to-toe she was dressed in black poly vinyl with matching six-inch heels. I watched as she negotiated some sort of arrangement with the man. Drugs, sex, or both, it was unclear what they were talking about. While she was negotiating with the JOHN, the other two women (dominatrixes in-training?) emptied the car of fetish clothes and hauling the gear into the room below mine.

I had a room to myself with all of our production equipment. It didn’t occur to me that I would be staying in the room that we were shooting in until I got there. Taking advantage of the (for now) clean sheets, I slept like a log that first night.

I woke up in the morning and headed over to Trevor’s room. He looked like he was still half asleep when he answered the door. I stepped inside and saw Jackson Taylor naked for the first time in person. He is one hot little kid. His skin is tan and his abs are ripped. He smiled at me as I sat down in a chair across the room. They were watching Pepé Le Pew on the television. For a moment I thought I had stepped into a childhood memory.

Looking at them laying in bed watching this old cartoon made me think of two brothers watching cartoons on a Saturday morning together. My imagination soared thinking of them as brothers. My cock began to swell thinking about little Jackson’s hole getting filled with cum.

Our first shoot of the day was a three-way. As the models arrived we had them sign all of the official papers. The bottom J ELLIOTT showed up with his boyfriend. I could tell J was a bit nervous as he downed his last beer.  The tops, Anton Dickson and Luca Bondi, got right to work on ELLIOTT’s hole.  They tag-teamed his ass so hard he eventually screamed. I got worried for a second worrying that the maids might think someone was being murdered. Despite his loud screaming and moaning, no one at the hotel seemed to notice. After the shoot Luca and Anton continued to play with each others’ cocks.

After three days of shooting in that room the sheets were trashed. We don’t have the room cleaned while we are shooting, so as not to bring any attention to the staff about what we are doing. The room had a musky smell of sweat and cum. The surfaces of the tables all seemed to have a thin layer of lube. The room was infused with sexual energy.

The last night I was there I decided to have a little fun myself.  Earlier that day I met a dude from Texas who was staying at the hotel. At first I thought he was straight with his thick Texas accent. He had a nice big bubble butt in his tight Wrangler Jeans. It was around 9 o’clock when I saw him return to the hotel. We exchanged that knowing look as he walked past me on the second floor balcony. He hit me up for a smoke. It only took five minutes before I had him back in my room with his Wranglers off and his ass in the air. I grabbed my camera and took a quick snap shot of his beefy ass.

The sheets were stained with cum and lube and I was beat by the time we were done. The Texan left the room with a hole full of sperm, and I feel asleep in the fuck sheets. I woke up early the next morning and began to wipe down all of the surfaces in the room. I tried to make the beds as best I could and left a generous tip for the maids.

We loaded up the car and hit the road. Back to California and home to San Francisco. My first T.I.M. road trip was done. I can only imagine what will come next.

Peace – PonyTIM

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  1. Sounds like big fun! 🙂
    Who's cock is that in the last picture?

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