Got to chatting the other day with a dude on another online gay dudes hook up site. Both of us claimed in our profile that we “play safe” and only top. Well, we couldn’t have been more full of shit once we hooked up the following day. Of course we didn’t talk about how the two of us as tops were going to satisfy each other; How could we possibly fuck each other… I mean, that wasn’t in the cards for me…as I love to do the fucking. We checked into this really cheezy bathhouse and got a private room with hot tub and sauna.

We stripped and started kissing and sucking each others cocks. He totally got into ramming his 9 inches of meat deep down my throat and I enjoyed taking it all in without gagging. You see, I’m a total cock whore and a pro at deep throating. We went on like that for about half hour, 69ing and edging our cocks. He was dripping copious amounts of precum that tasted like nectar.

He got me so worked up and in heat that I got on top of him and started running his cock up and down my crack. It felt amazing as my pussy twitched every time his cock head passed along my ass lips. He asked if he could fuck me. I didn’t hesitate a second, I wanted that monster cock up my ass seriously bad. I, playing the innocent and naive “safe sex only” dude asked if he had a condom…he replied “no” and I said well go ahead and slide in and fuck but don’t cum inside me.

He pushed in and broke through my tight hole. Damn, the pain was intense and my pussy felt like it was ripped open and on fire. He pulled out and spit on his cock and spit on my ass for lube and then rammed it in hard again. This time he pushed balls deep and I felt his cock head reach my inner pussy, passing through and going extremely deep. He started pumping me hard and raw…all the while I was going fucking crazy in ecstasy.

I, of course, was not at all interested in safe sex with this hot stud. I wanted to milk his cock like no tomorrow. My plan was to use my ass muscles to work his cock until he couldn’t stand it anymore and he’d have no choice but to unload in my ass. We went on fucking doggy style, and then I finally took control and flipped him onto his back and slid down his cock. I rode him hard and deep and held his hands above his head and worked his cock until i could feel an eruption coming on. His breathing was deep and intense, our eyes locked onto each other and his cock pulsating….finally he unleashed a massive injection of his seed deep into my hole.

It came flying out of his cock with force and I felt every last squirt blast my pussy. As his cock slid out, a big rush of spooge came pouring out of my ass all over his cock and abs. I wasn’t about to let that all go to waste. I quickly lapped it up and swallowed every drop. It was the best tasting semen I’ve ever enjoyed.

So much for safe sex… We talked afterwards and he knew that somehow I’d be talked into some nasty raw sex. He didn’t need to much convincing…his sexy body and cock was all it took for me to open my pussy up for his raw cock. We get together often now.

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  1. Hot story damn! There are a lot of guys who claim to play safe on one hookup dite but then you see them again on bareback hookup sites so this story probably happens alot!

  2. After a slow start to my day, reading that was the perfect remedy to get me through the day. Hopefully the imagery lasts.

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