We Film, You Fuck || Apply To Be One Of Morris’ Men

  1. I’m a novice sub-bttm guy in LA and I too would be happy to volunteer for the bottom position in your gang bang

  2. I´m Verstaile Anon Slut from Finland. Like to come someday to model to you.

  3. I’D GLADLY Do a Gang Bang Scene as a Bottom if Paul Liked Bearish or bigger men… and I’d DEMAND it be a Cream Pie Video… No Pulling Out… AT ALL!!!!!!! Only Internal Cum Dumps! But Paul is obviously only going to always use guys with Great Bodies and such… so it’s just a dream…

  4. hi iam transexual and i live in europe my dreams of being fucked by a group of tops, and taking the roll as the white trash bottom shemale for a group of big dick guys. i have not problem with status or how much guys! more guys is better, maybe 100 guys 200 guys wowowowo i want make a movie like this… iam a hot brasilia shemale brow

  5. hey there guys whats up im zephyr here in san diego. I would love to be a model for your company. The only reason, im somewhat hairy. I am a definite bottom and i love being in front of the camera. Plus i believe that it would be easier for me to get to the bay area plus i have friends who have worked with your company before.

  6. TIM should do a tattoo’d stamped DVD with all the inked porno legends from the stable and team them up with the punters who show ther alegence . Come on Paul, you can sort most things, so sort this… It’s put something back time. It could be a gathering where everyone can get together, shoot their muck wile your team shoot them for your next poject … Sound feasible ???? JoeUZ

  7. If I am a HIV+, can I apply? Or do they hire HIV- only? I was wondering if there is room for us as well.

  8. I’m a very hairy and profligate Finnish btm bear,60yo, youngish and uninhibited, living in Finland/EU.

    I’d love to get fucked by groups and filmed the orgy at the same time. My dream is to make hard gayporn.

    Waiting for answers !

  9. My partner and I would love to be filmed while we are fucking. But living all the way in Maine, I hardly think that is going to happen:(

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