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Last week my co-worker in crime Trevor Hawks called in sick to the office. He had a solo scheduled that day with a model named Jasper. Being the new guy on the team I stepped up to the plate to shoot the scene. Before I shoot a model I like to have a little back round on them. It helps me to know a little more about them before I shot them.

It turns out that Jasper is 19-years old, straight, has a girlfriend, and a humongous cock. I began to sweat a little when he walked in the door. I am sure no one noticed that I was sweating cause I tend to sweat a lot, but even more so when I am nervous. I greeted Jasper at the door. He was dressed in his motorcycle gear and gave me a firm handshake. The encounter was super casual and for a moment I wondered if he really knew what he was getting himself into.

Growing up I always fantasied about filming straight guys that I was in school with jacking-off. I remember being in the locker room after gym class and watching the jocks wash up as they horsed around in the showers. The first guy I ever watched porn with was a relative of mine who was old enough to be my dad. When I was 12 years old he popped in some straight porn and we set and watched it together on the couch. Even though I was 12 and related to this person, I remember sitting on the couch thinking how strange it was that we were watching porn and not jacking off.  I fantasied for years about that night on the couch. I really wanted to reach over and stroke his cock, but I digress.

Preparing for the shoot with Jasper, I decided to put on some straight porn for him.  I imagined that he would whip out his cock, watch a girl get fucked, and shoot his load. Pretty straight forward I thought, after all it was just a solo an audition of sorts.

Nothing about our interaction in the lobby would have prepared me for the shoot that actually took place.  Once I closed the door and we were alone in the room together, his whole body language began to change. In the lobby he was referring to me as “Bro” and “Dude”, as he was very nonchalant while telling me about his motorcycle.  I asked him to keep his motorcycle gear on for the beginning of the shoot. Once I turned the camera on, I immediately knew I was in the presence of a true exhibitionist. Watching Jasper get undressed was like watching a stripper doing a strip tease; each move was deliberate and sexual. He wanted me to know that he is a grower not a shower. I started asking him questions about his sex life, and to my surprise he continued to answer them. Before I knew it we hit a kind of cruising altitude and he just began to tell me things that turned him on. Some of which included a few stories about getting head from other men, and others about fucking men in the ass. My mouth started to droll as I watched his cock grow and grow. This kid has a mini bat swinging between his legs. Finally I asked him if I could suck it, he seemed more than excited by query. I got down on my knees and began to suck this kids meat. I got it all the way down the back of my throat; I must say I was proud of myself for taking it like a pro.


Finally Jasper shoots his huge load after an hour of solid jacking and edging. He leans back in the chair and is silent for a few minuets. I leave the room while he gets dressed and he meets me back in the lobby. We don’t speak about me blowing him; in fact we don’t speak about much. I hand him his check and he says “Thanks Bro, hope to work with you guys again soon!” He tells me he would like to bring his girlfriend with him sometime if he comes back. He wants me to meet her. I thank him again for the shoot, and he walks out the door.

Until Next Time – Pony


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  1. I was one of the guys that fucked Pony Tim when he was still in high school in Alaska. Hot boy that loved daddy dick and being used rough. I helped him get as twisted as he is.


  2. Fucking A1 all the way Dude you're hot, no lie……..and you know what they say about big ears……LOL….guess they were right……

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