CUMSLOPPY STORY || I Just Stealthed a Straight Guy

This literally just happened 30 minutes ago. I got this text message on my phone saying “I’m hosting now” and thats all it said. I had no idea who this was or where they got my number but i’m thinking it was this straight guy that I talked to off craigslist who wanted me to fuck him. Sure enough, when I got there it was him.

However, before I got there, he told me that I “must bring my own condoms”, which to me made me think… hmmm if he doesnt have any condoms there then i’m sure to breed this sucker.

So I go there without condoms, the door is unlocked… I walk in and find him laying down on a towel, with these girlie pajama pants on. Im assuming they were his girlfriends and that he likes to wear them to feel like less of a man and like the bitch that I was about to make him. So I went up to him, slid down his girlie pajamas and started lubing up his HAIRY fuckhole with the lube that was on the table next to me. I started sliding into his TIGHT hairy hole and don’t even get the head in when he looks back and says “where’s the condom?”. Looking back at me is this sexy fucker. Hell, i didnt care what he looked like to tell the truth, when he texted I just wanted a sweet hole to fuck, but I fucking hit the jackpot. He was handsome, scruffy bearded, and maybe 24 or 25 years old. About 5’8” (i LOVE them short) and 160lbs.

“I don’t have a condom, dude… I have a gf and she keeps the condoms on her because she thinks if I carry them i’ll sleep around… (I lied).

So here I am thinking that he’ll bend over and say “fuck me bare”, but NO… he says its cool , and goes over to get a condom from his drawer. FUCK!

“Will a magnum fit?”

“Yeah dude just put it on me”

Well naturally, like most of you fellow breeders, I believe that condoms are the devil. So he puts the condom on me and I try to cope… Luckily it hasnt made me soft yet… mostly because I start to devise a plan in my head that started to turn me on even more.

So he bends over and as hard as it is fucking him with the condom on… I continue at it because I want him to know that its there and feel it and see me fucking with it. Then he gets on top and starts to ride my cock which btw I HATE. I believe that I should always be in control of the fuck and hate when bottoms try to take the reins. Just bend over and take my nut like a good straight boy.

After awhile I get bored with him riding me so I bend him over doggy…. at this point I made sure to show him I was still wearing the condom and he even asked to see it still on. So I bent him over and quietly slid the condom off my cock and keep it folded up in my hand.

I point my cock straight at his beautiful hairy fuckhole, and slide into my fucking prize… Fuck yeah! This is what I was waiting for. I can feel his hairy hole welcoming my sweet 7” cock as it slides in and out of him, getting wetter and wetter from the precum i’m putting in his sweet ass. After 10 minutes of me pounding on his hole doggy style and being so fucking turned on I knew I needed to cum soon before he suspected anything. \

I started fucking him harder and harder and treating him like the bitch I knew he wanted to be. I was getting closer and closer til finally I pulled out and shot a MASSIVE load all over his hairy wet hole. I pretended that I took off the condom, and got dressed and headed home, proud of myself for stealth barebacking my first guy, a straight guy at that. Maybe next time I will breed him and then he wont find out until i’m gone and he has cum leaking from his hole.

  1. Hell that was a great story I would truly love having some guy poz my ass without me knowing it until I got the flu

  2. Hot story, but I hope it ain’t true. Yes breeding is hot. But if you’re HIV pos and you breed him with out his knowledge and he contracts it, you can be convicted of murder.

  3. I want to get stealthed!!!! Would be so hot, to leave and find an unexpected load in my ass.

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