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I was at the Victorian Market shopping with just a few more things on my list to get when I got an SMS. The SMS was from, Steve, a mate of mine living just a couple of blocks away in the centre of the city: “Mark is in town this morning. Come on over if you can”. Steve had told me a bit about Mark. Mark works selling farming equipment in country Victoria. Apparently Mark was a bit rough and not the brightest spark but had a great body and a much talked about angry rock hard cock. Steve had gone on about Mark for a few months. They would hook up when Mark visited Melbourne – about three times over the past six months. Mark’s time in Melbourne was usually limited so he would rock up to Steve’s place at short notice, pump him full of cum and leave. The invitation to join in on the action was too good to pass up. I replied to the SMS with an “On  my way” and quickly finished getting the last couple of items on my shopping lists.

Steve lived in a city apartment. Steve’s front door was closed but not locked. I tapped the door a couple of times, opened it and went in. There was a bit of noise coming from the bedroom. Mark had obviously arrived and was getting down to business. Indeed as I turned from the hall into the bedroom I saw Steve on all fours, on his bed, getting slammed by someone who could only be the guy I had heard so much about – Mark. Mark was a bit taller than I imagined but the rest of Steve’s description was pretty accurate. Mark’s body was toned. His face and arms obviously got a little bit too much sun but overall his body was tanned and somewhat country dusty. I made clear my arrival with a soft “Hey” but they were too busy to stop. Mark hardly paused his rhythm – his cock sliding in and out of Steve’s butt. I stripped off and slipped my cock into Steve’s mouth. I didn’t want to launch into playing with Mark if he didn’t first have a chance to check me out. Mark seemed too focused on ploughing Steve’s butt to really notice me. Mark wrapped an arm around Steve’s waist and pumped him with long deep thrusts. Occasionally he’d pause, slowly pull his cock all the way out out and then glide back in. His cock was nice: cut, thick and a good length, not overly long nor was it short. Mark grunted at me and nodded towards the lube on the bed side table. He wanted a bit more. I applied a bit of lube to my hand, reached over and lightly clasped his cock to distribute a lube from tip to base. Marked pushed his cock into Steve’s butt. Steve’s soft butt swallowed Mark’s cock right down to the base. The pace quickened a bit. After a few more pumps Mark curled his body, pulled Steve in close and let out a chesty deep growl of satisfaction. About a minute passed before Mark propped himself upright again and slowly withdrew his now semi-hard cock from Steve’s butt hole. Mark wiped his cock on a towel, slipped on his jeans and t-shirt. Just he was about to leave the intercom buzzed. I looked at Steve. The grin on his face indicated that someone else had been invited. Mark spoke for the first time, “I’ll catch you later. Have fun guys”. Mark slipped out the door and I buzzed the guy down stairs to come up.

The thought of Mark’s load freshly deposited in Steve’s butt was too much. I had to feel that juice slide between my cock and Steve’s butt. I left the door to the apartment open slightly and headed back to the bedroom. Steve’s butt hole was still relaxed and didn’t take much work to prise open with my cock.

A short time later our late arrival slipped into the room. I had no idea who it was going to be. I was delightfully surprised to recognise him from my gym. I didn’t know his name but had been watching him at the gym for some time. Despite being in the heart of Prahan and having a sizeable gay crowd there wasn’t any obvious flirting at my gym (very disappointing. The “straight” suburban gyms were much more “playful”). He was very muscular and bald – a really sexy fukka. He undressed, lubed his cock, moved in behind me and pushed the head of his cock up to my butt hole. This guy was obviously keen. “Hold on buddy” I said under my breath, “Sero-sort. Me Poz”. “Poz” came the reply. Steve already knew all this – they were clearly regular fuck buddies. Steve continued to bounce away on my cock. I stood still, parted my legs slightly to steady my balance and the guy from the gym slowly pushed his lubed cock into my butt hole. The feeling was awesome. It took a couple of minutes to steady the pace but with patience and coordination it didn’t take long before we eased into a rhythm that worked well for all three.

With his hands grasping my shoulders he guided his cock in and out of my butt hole. I gripped Steve hips and pushed Mark’s cum around his butt hole with my hard cock. After a few minute the pace quickened a little and the breathing got heavier. The guy from the gym started to murmur something. “Fuck yeah” and I knew he was squirting his load up my butt. That was all I needed to unleash my load into Steve’s butt. The movement slowed and we each extracted cock from butt one by one. “That was fantastic” said the guy from the gym. “Yup” I replied. Steve just smiled.

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  1. God i would love to be that bottom. I would just want all 3 of their loads deposited in me, marinating.

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