“It Isn’t A Death Sentence Anymore” – TIMExclusive D.J. Speaks Out About Being HIV Positive

Jul. 24, 2012 – D.J. is the modern face of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. He is open about his HIV-positive status, physically fit, in some ways healthier than he was before he was diagnosed, and on a clinical trial through the National Institutes of Health that requires four pills a day and a certain level of discipline and caution, likely for the rest of his life. (Alexandra Garcia/The Washington Post)


While some narrow minded individuals, including Zach Sire and his group of followers at The Sword choose to bash those living with HIV, making comments such as “please only have sex with other contaminated people,” we celebrate D.J.’s willingness to be open and honest about his life.

DJ had this to say in response to those individuals who choose to look at the world through a negative lens.

Please join us in supporting D.J. for bravely speaking out and sharing his story.



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