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His profile didn’t have a face picture, but it did have one of his cock. And damn, what a cock. Looked to be a good eight inches and very thick. The profile also said he was a strictly a top. It sounded too good to be true. I answered his e-mail and we exchanged a few messages over the next few days. He asked quite a few questions before agreeing to meet me. It sounded like he was really concerned our our meeting would be discrete, which I liked. He was in town the next weekend and agreed to meet me in a parking lot and talk before going any further. I very nervously drove to the place and waited only a minute before his truck turned in. He pulled up beside me and motioned me inside. He did most of the talking and that’s what I mean when I said I should have realized I was being interviewed for safety and discretion. Was I married? How many guys had I met? What did I do with them? Condom use? etc. I see now that by the time he decided to invite me back to his place he was convinced I was clean as I rarely played and always played safely.

I followed him back to his place. He locked the door behind me walked over the couch and dropped his pants. I knelt between his legs and handled his cock for a few minutes. He was already rock hard. I have an eight-incher myself and I could see he was hung every bit as long as was I, but his was considerably thicker. I wondered if his cock was more then I could handle, but I figured it was too late to back out, so I went down on him, sucking him as well I could, but only about half would fit in my mouth. I licked his balls, which by his reaction, I gauged he really liked. I could see he had pretty good control because I got into a good rhythm a few times that would have pushed most guys over the edge and he just kept taking it.

After a good 15 minutes of sucking and a sore jaw, he stood up and told me to get undressed. He stepped behind me, reached around with one hand to handle my cock and started circling my hole with a finger on the other hand. I bent over a little to give him better access. He licked his finger a few times to lube my hole and slowly pushed it inside. If I didn’t have pretty good control I would have shot right there. He fingered me for a minute or two and pulled it out but kept stroking my cock. I felt him rub his cockhead around my hole but he didn’t try to push it in so I stayed bent over and enjoyed the feeling. A little more of that and his cock pulled back and the next time it touched my hole it was wet with spit. He stopped circling and put a little pressure on my hole. I came out of the horny fog he had me in enough to ask for a condom. He said he wanted to ease it in a little here bare and then we’d get a condom and finish in the bedroom. It sounded so reasonable I didn’t say anything but bent over a little more, giving him the answer he wanted.

His cock touched my hole again and he upped the pressure a little. I took a few deep breaths and relaxed and felt just the tip of his cock start in me. His thickness made it pretty difficult. Less than an inch went in me and it just stopped. He withdrew it, re-wet it and tried again. Each time I felt it open me a little wider as just another fraction of his cock entered my hole. After six or seven repetitions of this behavior, I could feel he had all of the head in and almost had the full thickness of the shaft. The next time he pulled out and rubbed spit on his cock, I pushed out hard with my ass just as he started easing back into me. I felt a very quick but mild jab of pain as the thickest part of his cock slipped in and then just an incredibly good, full feeling.

He didn’t move right away, but gave me time to adjust. Then he pulled back out, wet his cock one more time, and this time a good four or five inches of that beautifully thick dick slid in me. We both caught our breath. I guess it felt as good to him as it felt to me. I hadn’t had a cock in me without a condom in about 15 years and had forgotten how good it felt. I think he felt the same thing because during our talk he had said he always used a condom, so presumably he didn’t bareback very often. He slowly fucked me with about half of his length, pulled out to wet it again, and on the next entry he started giving me a little more with every stroke. It felt incredible. I don’t think I’d ever been fucked so well, and he hadn’t really started yet, but at the same time my hole felt so full I was wondering if I was going to be able to take all of him.

I laid my head on the back of the couch and made up my mind to take it. Every time he went a little deeper I felt my cock jump from the sensation. A few strokes later I felt his hips touch mine – and just in time. I was just about to tell him I couldn’t take anymore but he had managed to get the whole thing in me before I gave up. He hadn’t sped up a bit. All the time he was opening me up his strokes were very slow and steady. He pulled almost all the way out and gave me a couple of those same slow strokes going all the way in. I swear it felt like 20 inches of cock were going into me. He pulled out completely and said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” I followed him in, walking a little funny, I think, and asked again where he kept his condoms. He pulled one out of the nightstand and put it on the bed. He asked if he could fuck me bare for a few minutes more before putting it on. He obviously had good control and I knew he wouldn’t cum until he was ready. I agreed and got on my hands and knees on the bed.

He got behind me, spit on the huge cock again and just as slowly as before easing all eight inches in me. Not that I’d been fucked a lot but he was definitely the best top with whom I had played. He got right back to the same slow-paced fucking as he started with out on the couch. He was holding my hips and although his thrusts were a little harder, he wasn’t going any faster. He’d pull out until I could feel my hole close slightly as all but the head slipped out, then get stretched wide again and he slammed back into me. I was really getting into it and was starting to grunt and make some noise which is rare for me. I remembered in the back of my mind he was still fucking me bare but I figured I could tell if he sped up like he was getting close to cumming. In the meantime, I just enjoyed getting railed. I was groaning, moaning, saying, “Fuck me, fuck me.” And did he ever. My ass was getting a little sore because we hadn’t used any lube but his spit which was drying. I found my voice enough to tell him to get the condom and lube me some before I got raw. He pulled out put some more spit on his cock and put it back in bare. “Let me fuck you a little longer bare first.” It felt so damn good to have his dick thrusting back in me I put my head back down and just enjoyed getting fucked some more. His strokes never changed in speed. He had a good grip on my hips and was pulling me back to meet his thrusts in slow but steady rhythm.

With no warning, no quick thrust, no noise at all from him, on one of those slow strokes, he stopped on an in stroke. I could feel his cock start jerking deep in my guts. I was enjoying the great fucking so much it took me few seconds to realize he was cumming. About the time it struck me, he breathed out hard and pulled his cock out of me. I freaked for a minute. He assured me he was as safe as I was. He told me some of his history and I calmed down a little. He told me he had been looking for a guy that he trusted was as safe as he was for a fuckbuddy. Turns out the initial interview was when he made his decision. I drove home with his cum dripping out of my well worked hole, looking forward to the next time he was in town.

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  1. Mr. Baker I will go get 12 tattoos if I get to repeat that fuck you want to give all the bottoms that get tattooed-Sign me up!

  2. SO FUCKING HOT! Once i rub my pre cum on a bare hole there is no turning back.

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