All July – Free Entry in The Rear

We think the guys at VIDEO SECRETS are very cool to give TIM fans free admission on SUCK DICK SAVE THE WORLD THURSDAYS. Now though, we’re simply blown away because VIDEO SECRETS IS GIVING TIM FANS FREE BACKROOM ADMISSION THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JULY!

Other than the killer price tag, here’s why we think you should get off that computer and head down to our favorite little not-so-secret backroom:

Located on Bay Street, over the hill from North beach and just a few blocks from Ghirardelli Square, you’ll find VIDEO SECRETS positioned conveniently across the street from Trader Joe’s and Safeway. The store looks like any other other heterosexual video store you might find in midtown America. If you’re throwing a bachelorette party, VIDEO SECRETS would be the kind of place to buy your party favors. It’s also the place to go if you’re in town on business and want to pick up some porn to watch in your hotel room.  However, Locals and tourists in-the-know flock to the place for some incredible backroom action at all hours.

To gain access to the backroom action, you pay the front desk stud $5 (free on Thursdays WITH COUPON), and you’ll be all set to meet some new friends.

The store has hundreds of video channels in the backroom. To watch, simply feed your bills into the machine in each booth. To get your dick serviced, well, you know the drill.

Not only does VIDEO SECRETS have seven booths and generous gloryholes, the fuck palace has a friendly staff, great deals on lube, toys, and videos, and it’s one of the cleanest sex joints you’ll find anywhere. Visit the store at 389 Bay Street from 10am to Midnight any day in JULY and get in FREE with this coupon:




Do you want a store in your town to host Suck Dick Save The World Thursdays? Send us an Email with details about the store.


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  1. Wish I lived in SF. My hole would be pressed on the other side of that stall all month! 

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