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1. the overthrow or repudiation of a regime or political system by the governed

2. (in Marxist theory) the violent and historically necessary transition from one system of production in a society to the next, as from feudalism to capitalism

3. a far-reaching and drastic change, esp in ideas, methods, etc.


“Around the world, men are arrested and fucked with by police and religious zealots simply because they do what a man’s gotta do: get down on his knees and make the mouth-dick connection that keeps us all alive and sane.” – Paul Morris

A couple of years ago we launched a free community website called suckdicksavetheworld.com as a way of bringing together men for the pleasure of sucking cock.We’re simply blown away that more than 6,000 cocksucking enthusiasts have joined the revolution, throwing cocksucking parties, talking about their exploits, and connecting with each other offline and online to form meaningful bonds. These men are truly saving the world one cock at a time.


Every SDSTW member is a hero.

Take, for instance, this post on the cocksuckers forum

“Had a fucking blast with suckboy roy, aka @swallower53703 – while he was in DC; hot wet worshipping mouth slurped, deep throated, and eagerly pleasured my cock for 2 hours and heroically saved the world twice…”

Here’s Why You Should Join The REVOLUTION Now:

It Is Totally FREE!
Get Exclusive Deals and Offers
Meet The Fellowship of Cocksuckers
Make the World A Better, Happier Place
Join Communities
Stay Up On Events
Get Exclusive Content From T.I.M.
Get A Blow Job
Find A Fuck Buddy
Share Videos, Photos and Stories
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  1. Fuck yes I am a member. Love the feeling and the taste. A warm cock pre cuming on my tongue is so good.

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