Porn vs. Reality || Featuring Liam Cole & Anton Dickson

Infamous pornographer, Liam Cole and your favorite London CumPig, Anton Dickson were recently featured in FS Magazine. Here are a few excerpt’s from the article, written by Stuart Haggas. Read it in its entirety at

Fantasy sexland 

There’s a general consensus that people in the public eye who are idolised by the rest of us should set a good example, rather than let their behaviour be a bad influence on everyone. Which is why Daily Mail readers complain in droves whenever an actor swears or a pop star gyrates too provocatively on liveTV. But what about porn stars? As many gay men idolise them, should porn stars be held to account for the example they’re setting?

“Porn stars are like sexual superheroes,” says GMFA’s Matthew Hodson. “They’ve got ridiculously buff bodies, big cocks, and the ability to go on for hours, seemingly without pain, discomfort or making embarrassing squelching noises, unlike us mere mortals.”

“A lot of gay men live out their sexual fantasies through porn,” adds porn actor and model Dean Monroe, “so the actors become treated like stars and acquire a sexual power through their movies.”

“Porn is about fantasy,” agrees porn actor Anton Dickson. “It’s about creating scenarios that stimulate our senses emotionally, but mainly sexually. As with anything trying to push its own boundaries, taste changes over the years – for example bearded men are hot at the moment.”

Who taught you to do that?

It’s said that we all learn by example, and it’s also said that many gay men get their sex education from watching gay porn – can this be true? “I think many people, gay and straight, learn about sex through porn,” explains GMFA’s Matthew Hodson. “But perhaps this is even more true for gay men as they are unlikely to get a gay sex education at school.”

Porn actor Dean Monroe agrees. “Absolutely. And I say this from experience. Porn is sometimes the first taste of sex a young person gets, so naturally what they see on screen they might emulate in life.”

“But they also learn from each other,” adds Liam Cole, who makes porn for bareback specialists Treasure Island Media. “And porn learns from them.The origin of particular behaviours is mysterious.”

Anton Dickson has a different perspective. “Do gay men learn about sex via gay porn? Did you get your car driving skills from watching films? The answer to both I believe is no. However as with both cars and sex, although we all know that fast driving and bareback sex are risky, some of us still do it. It’s a thrill and it’s part of being human I think. Doing the forbidden, the naughty…” 

Porn vs. Reality

Today’s porn stars come in a variety of ages, shapes, sizes and ethnicities, but gay porn remains dominated by incredibly hot guys having incredibly hot sex. So what kind of a lesson are we really getting from watching gay porn?

“One of the main reasons people like watching porn is because it’s an escape and allows them their own fantasy about having sex with their favourite porn star or just seeing a hot guy with a hot body,” says Nick Baker, founder of the gay porn website English Lads. “At the end of the day it’s only a film and our job as film producers is to make fantasies people like to watch.”

“It depends on what you’ve seen,” Treasure Island Media’s Liam Cole adds. “If you’ve grown up on stagy mechanical porn then real sex might come as a pleasant surprise: immersive, tactile, spontaneous, emotional.”

“A lot of the questions that we get at GMFA are directly related to unrealistic expectations that men have about sex, as a result of watching porn,” says Matthew Hodson. “People worry unduly about their cock size, or the amount they ejaculate, or the fact that it hurts when it’s just shoved in. Most worryingly, some porn perpetuates the fantasy that you can have sex with lots of men, without using condoms, without there being any health impact. In the real world, if you have lots of sexual partners, and if you don’t use condoms, the chances are you’ll pick up an STI sooner rather than later.” 

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  1. “immersive, tactile, spontaneous, emotional.” Liam, I like that in real life and I love it when porn makes me feel that. Well stated.

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