CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Trucker Fuck

I was living in the south at the time, and driving home late one Sunday after visiting friends in a city a couple hours away. I had to piss bad, so I pulled into a Pilot gas station an dashed to the restroom. It was close to midnight and there wasn’t a lot going on there. There were quite a few idling semi’s in the parking lot, but the station was empty. I found the restroom, hauled out my cock and started relieving my distended bladder. About halfway through my piss the bathroom door opened and this skinny, older guy walks up to the urinal next to mine to do his business. The nice thing about this bathroom was that the urinals were those floor to chest models, with no partition inbetween. Perfect for sneaking a glance. The trucker (which I learned he was) had hauled out both his cock and balls through the fly and was pissing no-handed so I had prime viewing. And he was dangling some serious meat! It was thin, but long, with a heavy set of balls.

I finished pissing through a semi-hardon. Which, I could see, had caught the Trucker’s eye. When he finished, he spent a LONG time milking the piss from his cock, getting himself hard in the process. Naturally I stoked with him, letting him see my interest. After about a minute he said “My truck’s just outside.” I nodded at him. He put his cock and balls away and said “It’s the white Freightliner on the far end. Give me a minute head start before you follow. Come up the passenger’s side. I’ll have the curtains pulled.” Then he was out the door.

The hard cock I’d seen on him made me decide to go for it, so after waiting as I had been told, I headed out. The Freightliner was surprisingly spacious inside. I sat in the passenger seat, all nervous, and he in the driver’s seat. He rubbed his package and I sunk to my knees, unzipped him, and pulled it out. Trucker was a skinny, redneck Daddy type, and his cock was every bit of eight inches. Thin, but very long, with a nice head on the end, which I popped right into my mouth. He tasted like he’d been driving and sweating all day. I worked his meat for awhile, until he said “I hope you like to get fucked, because I need some ass.” I told him that I did and it had always been a fantasy to take a trucker’s cock in his sleeper area. “C’mon then” he said and led me to the back.

Right behind the front seats we walked into like a mini-bedroom of sorts. There was a microwave, coffee maker, little end table, and a small tv mounted on the bulkhead. There was also the main lower bed and a flip down bunk which was stowed into the wall. He lay on the bed and I stripped my clothes off. He had me suck him some more before he reached for the KY. He lubed up an fingered my hole while I straddled him. Then he used his hands on my hips to gently push me down to his cock. Because he wasn’t super thick, once his head popped in I slid all the way down to the base. “Aww fuck yeah! That’s what I need– a hot hole on my dick!” I bobbed up and down for maybe five minutes, gyrating my ass and squeezing my ass muscles to make his cock feel good. Then almost without warning he said “Fuck, I’m cumming!” And I felt his head pulsing way up inside me.

Now I don’t mind saying I was just a tad disappointed by him cumming quickly. Figuring we were done, I start to pull off him. “Wait, don’t go anywhere. I can cum at least twice without going soft. Just keep riding it and you’ll get another load if you want.”

Was this guy for real?? Evidently he was (or the Viagra was), because I kept slowly riding and milking his cock and true to his word, he never went limp. In fact, within five minutes he was fully hard again and thrusting up into me. I rode him another fifteen to twenty minutes, and toward the end my orgasm was building in my nuts. I was pitched forward and slamming down onto his dick while he shoved upward into me. His dick was massaging everything just right. “Dude, you’re gonna make me cum! I’m not even striking it, and I’m gonna cum!” Understand at this point I only ever had tow or three no-hands orgasms in my life. They were still a rare novelty.

So he fucked me until my load was shooting all over his chin and chest. I shuddered with delight and was spent. When my orgasm subsided, I started to pull off him again. You know how it is, once you cum you want the cock out of your ass ASAP. “Whoa, slugger, where do you think you’re going? I ain’t finished yet.” With that he grabbed my hips hard and started thrusting up into my ass again. I wish I could say that this part was hot too, but to be honest my ass was getting really sore and I just really wanted him to be done. But he just kept fucking and fucking me.

I gritted my teeth and tried to do everything to hurry his orgasm. I worked my ass muscles. I worked his nipples. I pushed the spot below his balls. All while praying that he would fucking blow his load. It probably took an additional ten minutes of him drilling me before he suddenly tensed up and shouted, “Fuuuuuck yeah!” And once again I could feel his bulbous cock head twitching and throbbing deep inside me. Once he shot the last of his load, he smacked my ass twice, and said, “NOW you can get off my dick, and the hell out of my truck.”

I dressed very quickly and skulked back to my car. My ass leaked his cum all the rest of the way home, an when I got there I jacked off twice thinking about my trucker fuck.

Courtesy of breedingzone.

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  1. MMM would love to be treated as a fuck object like this. All i am to you is a hole, so fuck it.

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