CUMSLOPPY STORY || Lubed with Spit, Filled with Cum

This guy Mr WM stands for Mr. Wet Mouth. I shall explain later how this name came about. We have been exchanging a lot of pictures and descriptions on Grindr of what we would do once we met up. Some of the things he wanted to do with me are “I wanna lick your hole” and “I want to make out with you when I’m fucking you.” I like it when guys are very expressive in their texts. It gets me all wild. Rather than just saying “I want to fuck you” I like it when the guys tell me how they want to use me.

We went back and forth in setting up an ideal time and place to meet, and as usual this went on a few weeks until my place was free and he agreed to come by after work. I was excited about the hook-up as in our conversation I had said to Mr. WM that I wanted him to “pump me hard and bury your load in me” and “I like it when I get a raw dick.” He didn’t respond to my specific comments so there was neither a disagreement nor a agreement, so I assumed he was not opposed-to raw sex, so in that expectation, I couldn’t wait to find out how this would play out.

OK, now to the scene. I had a glass of wine or two while in my sexy undies waiting for Mr. WM to finish work and text me. I had music playing and porn just to get me in the mood. Not long after the wine had kicked-in he turned-up in work clothing. He was a HOT a clean-cut Euro guy, not too muscled but great definition, with pale skin and dark hair. YUM.

I asked what his name was , its always good to know the name of the guy that is about to breed you We started fooling around on the bed lots of kissing my first thoughts this guy can kiss and his mouth is so wet like kissing a tap he is a real spit producer ( hence his nickname). He quickly took all my clothes off and started sucking me while I unbuttoned his shirt and started feeling his smooth broad chest. Then he whipped out his cock. Nice average size and good shaped perfect for me! I started sucking on it to get it wet and ready for my tight hole. Then he pushed my head down onto his cock to deep throat it … ok he is the dom type EVEN BETTER he grabed onto my hair and held my head down to make sure i knew who was in charge. If I even hesitated my head would hurt so I made sure I stayed down there and swallow that cock as deep as I can.

Mr. WM had so much spit coming out of him he was using it as lube for my cock , his cock and my hole !! Its insane i’ve never seem anything like it. I mounted on top of him and began guiding his cock in me. I needed this so bad. There was no pain due to the amount of his spit on those areas it went in perfect and felt so good that raw dick . I can see his face enjoying being inside me. After riding it for a while he pushed me down on my back and we are now in the reclining lotus position – my favourite all I can think of was this Euro top guy inside my tight Asian lil ass i’m oozing with pre cum. His force is so strong pumping me hard with his cock at the same time he is sucking on my neck and nipples , every position was spot on in getting me high. Then he speeds up his thrusting its time to breed he cums inside and pulls out to cum as well all over me so that I got it both inside and out.

By this time i was so high it only took his a few jerks to make me cum.. this guy is amazing. After cleaning up we made small chat and he left.

Courtesy of breedingzone.

  1. Sounds like he got the good end of the deal, only one thing bothers me. When a guy uses the word yum or yummy, I mean unless your talking to a baby…the word just brings chalkboard scratches to my ears. But that’s just me, I can’t speak for anyone else.

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