CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sauna Seedings

Beautiful day, clear, warm, sunny and I needed a break from the endless work from the last few weeks. I managed to get away from my usual projects by noon, got home, cleaned-up and then headed for 1350. I checked-in, got a locker, stripped, showered and hit the steamroom. Very few guys in the club and only one in the steamroom. I get a quick hand-job then I’m out and up to the sundeck. Guys come and go but I stay buried in my book.

After an hour I head downstairs, shower, then the basement. Still very quiet. Maybe 6 guys. Clash Of The Titans on the TV, bad movie. I head to the back area where the two open beds are and land on one to cool down. Within in a few minutes, I feel a pair of hands on my back. The guy gives me a shoulder rub, then works down across my back to my legs. He’s too rough so it’s not too good but I don’t wanna scare him off. Maybe 10 minutes of this, when he climbs over me and straddles my back with his legs. He’s heavy/chunky. He puts all his weight into his massaging my lower back, butt and upper legs, now it’s feeling good. I’m moaning in appreciation. He slides a bit higher on my back and goes back to work on my butt. Just a few minutes of good deep massage then he stops.

I hear him tear open something. Then I feel something cold dripping on to my ass. Then he’s leaning into me, I can feel first his blowing his warm breath across my ass then his tongue riding my crack. He pushes my legs further apart and pulls my dick up. Next he’s alternating between sucking on my dick and sliding his tongue into my ass. Probably 10-15 minutes of this. He’s holding me down so that I can’t raise my ass up. Finally he sits up, all his weight on me, I can feel him jerking his dick, rocking, then shooting his cum on my back. He pauses for a couple of minutes to catch his breath, then works his cum all over my lower back and through my butt crack with one last back rub. He gets up and off of me then leaves.

I lay there for what seems to be maybe 7 or 8 minutes (the length of two of the crappy disco tunes) when another guy comes in. This one pulls somewhat the same routine except he’s very light touched. From my legs to the top of my head he’s just running his fingers all across my body. Covers every inch, no pressure just a calm touching. He finally settles on my ass, slowly rubbing my butt. Again no pressure. Next I feel something cold touching my neck, maybe a stone. It runs the length of my body, down my legs then back up to my neck, I have no idea. He then climbs over me, except this time he’s facing forward, his butt just over my knees. I hear him tear something open, then he says something to someone at the doorway. He leans over me and I feel his cock against my ass. His hands are on my back as someone else spreads my ass cheeks apart. Very slowly he slides his dick into my ass. Again I’m weighted down so I can’t rise up to his dick. This guy is taller and a long thin dick. He bottoms out very easily. (Yes, I had been using poppers.) He stops for a couple of minutes, buried to his pubes in my ass. He pulls out then begins to fuck me. First short strokes, finding a rhythm, then deep long fucking. He’s still saying something to another guy but I can’t make-out what he’s saying.

About 15 pass, and he’s busy, non-stop. He’s arched up, slamming into me. My legs are spread wide but I can’t raise more than a couple of inches. He’s still able to pound into me. One last slam and he groans loud. Hold for a minute, then pulls out. Climbs off and mumbles something again. My ass is soaked so probably no wrap. I can hear more tearing and the second guy walks up next to me. My ass is pulled wide. He then climbs up, pushes my legs closer together, then I feel his dick against my ass. He’s got a condom on (dry cold). I know that I’ve got a load of cum in me but have no interest in getting torn up from a dry fuck. I grab my lube from my key band and hand it to him. He tears it open but shoves it into my ass (IDIOT) He’s too horny to get a hint. In seconds he’s jamming his cock into me. Thick, wide and hard. Luckily he takes his time getting into my ass but once in he hits 4th gear and fucks like an animal. He’s holding my legs close together so seems to want a tight fuck. I accomodate his thrusts, as he pounds my ass. I have to brace against the wall to keep from sliding forward and bashing into the wall. Hardest fucking I’ve had in months, the guy is moaning, holding my waist as he slams into me. He actually picks up speed for a few seconds, slams once more then drops onto my back. sounds like he’s having an asthma attack.

He pulls out very slowly, leaving the condom behind. It was probably too small and worked off during the fuck. He gets up, pulls my cheeks apart and shoves his finger (fingers?) into me. I feel him pull out the condom (which felt really interesting), says sorry and walks out.

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  1. I live in Finland. Here is practically every house “normal sauna”.Of course my kind of btm gay slut have many sauna sex-experiences, Public saunas too.But in Finland is ONLY one ( officially ) gay-sauna. I have been there many times.

    1. I dropped 2 big American loads up a hot Fin boy last winter while visiting Skandinavia. He was hung, uncut, blond, smooth and had an insatiable hole.

  2. Fuck i wish i was that bottom. Never had more then one load in me at a time. Would get off like crazy knowing that multiple loads were marinating together and into me.

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