Pre-Release || Blindfolded Anonymous Slam Fuck

SCOTT leads a double life. In Switzerland his existence is self-disciplined and safe. He eats well, trains hard, and works a corporate job. When he arrives in London on business he’s always perfectly dressed in a very smart suit.

But sometimes while he’s here, he takes a holiday from himself. Being slammed brings out another side to him, and the same fantasy always comes to the surface: total relinquishment of control. He becomes entirely compliant and longs to be exploited. He requested that I organize any man I liked to fuck him bareback and cum in him.

To prove that he was totally indiscriminate, he agreed to a blindfold and restraints. He didn’t see the men who fucked him that night, before or after they used him. One of the guys was a fit, hairy cyclist named ENZO. This scene shows what ENZO did with SCOTT’s perfect, slammed ass while SCOTT was riding the waves of euphoric lust.


  1. this got my attention this goes on more then anyone could realize and this film will be discussed more often then not

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