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“If we can help one other person in this life, we have justified our own existence.”

I just sat down next to a cute, Russian, homeless young guy (25 years old) by the Tube station today and had a very long discussion. He told me the story of how he became homeless. He’s been in the UK for 5 years, the last two of which he’s been living on the streets. It started when he lost control of his alcohol and drug problem. From there things went very fast: He lost his job, his flat, his friends turned their backs on him, and he found out he had hep C, which caused him depression and made him drink more.

Despite all this he came across as a very bright young man, who just hadn’t been that lucky in life.


I gave him my card and said if he wanted I could try to help him get back on his feet again, maybe I could help him find some counseling help, and offered him someone he could call to if he was in serious trouble.

When I asked where he slept, he laughed and said it depended on whether he’d had a good day, as the beds at the homeless shelters cost £12-14; otherwise he slept in a garage entrance or anywhere safe-ish he could find.

I just find it so sad and crazy that in the year 2012, in the western civilized world, there isn’t a better system in place.

We take our blissful, blessed lives for granted, thanking our lucky stars, wishing we could do more to help those less fortunate—but at the same time not doing much.

Sorry for dampening your day. It just got me really sad, so I decided to paint this weekend; that’s usually how I try to deal with tricky emotional things, to get them out of my system.

Anyhow, my week has been very busy. The architect boss is away so I’ve been managing affairs and supervising things as much as possible, which is always fun, hehe. I mouth fucked a few horny boys in the office toilets, which I always enjoy.

But the most HORNY part was that I did a very sexy shoot for Liam Cole in an empty garage in south London, with a hot American bottom boy (Luke Bennett) and a sexy, hung top Sebastian Slater. We first met up in a local pub and wandered over to the garage, where, as soon as the doors closed, we were all over the boy, fucking his mouth and bum hard and rough, hehe. He is truly a stunningly hot and greedy bottom lad, with absolutely no gag reflex—something I  know how to appreciate, hehe. I came so much and pushed it into his greedy boy hole and got him to clean up my cock after.


While walking back from the Tube to my flat (wearing trackies and no underpants), a young guy caught my eyes and with one look I knew he was going to follow me into the back alley behind Tesco. As soon as we entered a dark area, he was down on his knees, pulling out my already hard cock and started to deepthroat it big time. He was  very talented orally, hehe.


I pulled him up and dived down on his nice cut cock, and after a very short time he came all over my beard; licking his balls, I smeared his cum all over his cock and my face. It was so hot, double wham.

So many mixed emotions, how is a man to deal with all this? We just try our best, in all different ways.

Big naughty hugs – Anton

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  1. There’s a really interesting chapter on solving homelessness by Malcolm Gladwell in, I think it’s “What the dog saw” but it might be “The Tipping Point”. Both books are interesting reads Anton; you might like them.

    Also, those boys were so lucky; I’d love to be gagging on your cock 😀

  2. The journey from functional and self providing to homeless and destitute can be surprisingly short.

    I hope he calls and takes up your offer of assistance.

    Nice thing you did.

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