Dancing in Cruz last night and got the eye from a fitty. Little shorter than be, but hot as hell, shaved head, muscular chest and arms. He came over and we got talking, told me his name was Dean and he kissed me. I was hard the instant his hand were on my arse. He felt the safer sex pack (condoms go unused, don’t worry) in my arse pocket and said “Oh you come prepared don’t you?” with a chuckle.

I responded by grinding my cock into his through our jeans and saying “I need to nip the toilet…” with a smile, turning away and giving his dick a quick squeeze.

He took the hint and followed me, we slipped into a cubicle quickly so no one saw. I opened his jeans and got his cock out, it was a beaut, not massive, good size, but it was hard and veiny, it was amazing. I sucked him for a bit and he said “I want to fuck you”, I’d gotten him proper horny and his dick was leaking precum like a tap.

I got the pack from my pocket and got the lube, noticeably leaving condoms. He said “No condom?” I replied “No, I don’t like them, is that ok?” He smiled “That’s great, I prefer it raw have you been fucked tonight already?”, I answered “No, you’re my first” leaving the door open to myself having more.

I turned around and braced myself against the wall expecting to be fucked but unexpectedly I felt his tongue going at my arse. I pushed back, loving the feeling, after a few minutes he got up and finally opened up the lube packet and finger fucked me with one hand while lubing himself up with the other. I turned and kissing him, his fingers opening me up, his cock in his hand. I then felt his cock head at my hole, as he slid his dick into me he said “Are you alright? Like have you got anything?”. I thought, you ask this as you’re cock is working it’s way up me. “I’m clean as far as I know, but I get fucked a lot.” He was now balls deep in me, “Me too, fuck it.” With that he proceeded to fuck the life out of me, I loved it. I hate it when casual fucks try to “make love”, I’m just after carnal pleasure, and this was it.

He wanked me off while slamming into me. There was a knock and door and Dean answered “Hang on a minute”, still hammering away at my hole, “I need to cum, you close?” he whispered into my ear. “I’ll cum when you do fill me up”.

“I’m gonna cum now…” with that he slammed in harder, I shot my load up the wall. I felt his cock pulsing in me. He eventually stopped and pulled out, breathing returning to normal.

We swapped numbers while still in there. When we opened the door there was a bouncer waiting for us. Luckily it was one who fucks me in that very cubicle sometimes (a whole other story) because his girlfriend makes him use condoms, so he let us off but did make me promise to let him have my arse later.

We went back to the dancefloor, he rejoined his mates and I went back to shaking my, now cum filled, ass.

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